Advice for new moms

Crossing over from non-mom living, into full on mom mode, can be quite overwhelming for a first time mom. Some days feel amazing, like you’re owning this whole mom hood thing. Whilst other days, it tends to feel a bit more abstract. Almost as if the whole world is plotting and conspiring against you! Or if you’re like me, I tend to keep a look out for Ashton Kutcher, wondering if he will jump out of nowhere and say “You’ve been pranked!”. Or maybe that’s just me?

Nonetheless, below are some little gems that helped me to abruptly ease into mom-hood, and it helped me to own this season like a boss:

  • Embrace this season for what it is, there’s no going back after all.
  • Choose to find little moments to celebrate daily.
  • Filter other moms opinions.
  • Filter your opinions as well. Just saying.
  • Do what works best for you.
  • Understand when mom guilt hits, and try see things with a bit of logic and reasoning.
  • Try not compete with your partner “who is more tired”. You both are tired – Full stop – therefore you both win. Yay!
  • Encourage one another. e.g. “I love how you wiped the babies butt clean!”, or “You don’t look that tired”.
  • Try not argue when you are tired, hungry or boobs that need to be expressed.
  • Cold cabbage on your boobs is a thing! A legitimate thing!
  • So are hot showers – your tata’s need them like your lungs need air!
  • Don’t put pressure on yourself to be super mom.
  • Let your body heal – avoid Zumba classes if need be.
  • Be open with what you are feeling – chat to someone if you are feeling depressed and overwhelmed.
  • Know your tribe! Have a support structure around you!
  • Your body will leak in strange places, and that is okay and so normal!
  • Ask if you don’t know, and honey PLEASE don’t feel shy to ask for help or for advice.
  • Don’t compare yourself with other moms – it’s far too exhausting!
  • Don’t compare babies – maybe compare prams instead (it’s safer)
  • Be sensitive when it comes to other moms and their personal choices regarding; sleep training, breast feeding and birthing delivery – all are sensitive topics. Rather support one another, unless you like the idea of fight club.
  • If you are on maternity leave you may start to experience cabin fever. Therefore, join a mom and babes group, or visit family and friends. Getting out of the house and drinking a cuppa can be so refreshing for the new mom!
  • Create a breathing space for yourself. Enjoy moments where you can still treat yourself.

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