Being pregnant is a very interesting experience for the most part. Whether you had an easy pregnancy or a hard pregnancy, you will note how your baby bump will attract the strangest of conversations to the most interesting experiences from people you know, to random strangers in the shops.

Something we can all agree on, is that there are some things that pregnant women do not want to hear:

  • You’re getting big!
  • Did you swallow a watermelon?
  • Are you sure you’re just having one baby?
  • So, when do you think you will want to have baby number two?
  • Wow, pregnancy is really weird !
  • Ah, you’re waddling like a bloated little penguin!
  • We don’t want to hear about dramatic childbirths!
  • Judgy eyes when we tell you what birthing option we are going for, even though you asked us such a personal question!
  • Enjoy sleeping now while you can, because you’ll never sleep once your baby arrives (insert evil laugh).
  • Don’t ask what we are naming our child if you are wanting to respond with something in appropriate like “ (insert name) That reminds me of a porn stars name.”
  • Are you sure that you want to eat that?
  • Are you worried that you might not make it to full term pregnancy?
  • Enjoy the peace and quiet now while it lasts!
  • I bet you must miss all of your cute BC pregnancy clothes?
  • Are you going to diet once the baby is born?

The truth is; we know most of you mean well with your comments. However, we do doubt whether you are thinking before you are speaking. Sometimes, all we wish is for you to pause for a second (if possible) and filter out your remark, before saying something that could potentially attract our fists to your face!

What was the strangest thing that someone said or did to you whilst you were pregnant?

I would love to know!

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