As a writer I find I have seasons where I write non stop! Then other seasons where I am bit quiet. You know those lovely seasons where WRITERS BLOCK comes for a nonchalant visit! It happens to the best of us, and it happens when we least expect it! I did a bit of research on writers block whilst I was experiencing major writers block, and came across the following. Thought I’d share with you, to hopefully help inspire and shake off writers block.

Writers Block Defined as:

A writers inability to produce new material, this condition may be temporary, during certain periods of time, or it may be permanent.

Causes of Writers Block

  • Ran out of inspiration
  • Distracted
  • Illness
  • Ended relationship
  • Previous success intimidation
  • Stress

Types of Writers Block

  • Bored
  • Stuck in the middle of the story
  • Have the outline but no body
  • You have too many ideas
  • Completely blank
  • Dead end to your story

How to kill Writers Block

Some of these ideas I have tried, and it works! 

1 ) Breathe and Relax.

2) Don’t force the ideas.

” Very often we write down a sentence too early, then another too late ; what we have to do is write it down at the proper time, otherwise it’s lost.”
– Thomas Bernhard

3) Let the idea / ideas come to you – When you are more relaxed creatively, you unlock creative ideas and thoughts more naturally. Because your mind and soul are open to hearing more clearly.

4) Get outside, and take a walk – Walking helps to declutter the mind, it helps with breathing and getting more oxygen to the brain. Plus it energizes yourself and releases ‘feel good’ hormones.

5) Do something productive – Organize a room in your house. Sounds strange, but sometimes through the sifting of random objects – it can trigger off a memory, a mood, or a thought to an idea.

6) Get personal with people –  As in interact with other humans! Ha! Sounds weird! But meet up with friends, maybe ones you haven’t seen in awhile , or start a conversation with a random stranger in the shops. When do something unfamiliar to us, it starts to stir new thought processes, and may even trigger off a new idea!

7) Read – Read a book or an online article about the things you are passionate about, or enjoy writing about.

8) Write – Write creatively for just for yourself. Write without thinking about the pressures of pleasing others. Instead, write freely without boundaries. Just start with one sentence and let yourself go! It will feel weird at first, but the freedom that is found when allowing yourself to express who you are in that way is completely liberating!

“Writing about writers block is better than not writing at all”
– Charles Bukowski

I remember a few years ago , I needed to write a specific play for a specific reason but the words / dialogue would not flow and make itself known to me (as weird as that sounds – writers will get it) I decided that “the story” wasn’t ready to be told then, because the story along with its characters would eventually reveal itself to me , when the time was right! So I left it, and with time the characters, along with the storyline emerged and I was ready to explore it and write about it.

Writers Block visits us all, it is normal and apart of the creative process! Be aware of it, and know how to counter act it! I believe that WRITERS BLOCK is good for us in a lot of ways, as it forces us to dig deep, it refuels our passion for writing, and it encourages us to think with innovation!

Happy Writing!

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