When you become a mom you find yourself in a whole new world! < insert Aladdin’s theme song>

You find yourself in “interesting” situations, and experiencing new things that soon become the norm. Those sobering moments that remind you swiftly “Yip , I’m such a mom!”. A rocking one none the less!

These are some of my favorite typical “mom moments”, that make me feel so proud to be a mom! I can’t help but laugh at these moments, and laugh at myself!

Maybe you can relate to some of these:


  • You find bits of dried food on your clothes.
  • Your hair is sticky at the tips.
  • You hear a baby’s cry from miles away, and get cold shivers.
  • You hear a baby cry, when their is no baby close by. #hauntingbabycries
  • When you find yourself talking in baby language to your baby, or to adults.
  • When you find yourself swaying from side to side whilst waiting in a que at the shops, and you’re not holding your baby.
  • You catch yourself singing Barney songs, when Barney is’nt even on the telly.
  • You find yourself PVR-ing Barney episodes, along with episodes of YOUR favorite TV shows that you won’t be able to watch while your little one is awake.
  • When you leave the house, with make up on-  one eye only! (half way there I suppose)
  • When you get ready for work whilst holding a baby, or pretty much do anything while holding a baby.
  • When your little one sneezes ,whilst you’re feeding them solids and butternut blasts all over your face!
  • When you scoop poop out of the bath, or off the floor – because it’s never a good idea to unleash a naked baby around the house.
  • When poop some how falls out of a diaper and onto your shoe!
  • When your eyes practically roll out of your head by 9 pm.
  • When you consider the blinking of your eyes as mini power naps!
  • When you can’t help but talk about how awesome your little one is to everyone you meet! And of course they are, I don’t blame you! Tell the whole world about your amazing “snuggle bum”.
  • When you literally have thousands of pictures of your little one on your phone! #mamaRATzi
  • When you catch yourself talking to yourself, then you reply to yourself casually.
  • Understanding your little ones gibberish like a pro!
  • Family pics shot by Nicolette Kapp.

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