Styling the baby bump

Are you tired of wearing the ‘same old same old’ stretchy track pants, and your comfy slip on shoes? Do you miss wearing your old clothes? Sometimes, we need a bit of inspiration when it comes to styling our cute baby bumps – am I right ladies? You too can wear clothes that are an extension of your personality, and that still feels comfortable to wear whilst being pregnant!

Here’s a mini look book inspired by the gorgeous Cara Loren for styling your gorgeous bump:

Street style

I love that in this day and age you can find and wear a great pair of maternity fitted denims! Not only do they feel comfortable and cater for your ever extending baby bump, but it gives you that extra bit of edge to your look!

Semi Casual Dress

Beautiful cotton dresses that move and sit comfortably with your bump are a definite God send! With being pregnant, you can still play with hats, oversized bags and gorgeous kimono’s !


It’s hard trying to create a look that works with your bump and the event that you need to attend. Depending on what trimester you are in, it will either inspire your wardrobe or completely frustrate you all together! You can wear fitted to flowing dresses that flatter your bump, and then you can add a few extra accessories to dress up your outfit! And hey, if you can rock heels in your third trimester , then I say go for it!

The important thing to remember, is that you need to feel confident and comfortable in whatever it is that you choose to wear in this season! If you feel amazing in your sweat pants and slippers – then that’s great! If it makes you feel good to dress up your bump, and still play around with looks – then I say go for it! Your personal style is an extension of your personality, therefore have fun with it!

All pictures via Cara Loren.


  1. mommabearTrax March 31, 2016 at 1:08 pm

    I only recently discovered Cara Loren, and LOVE her style. And yes,sometimes fluffy slippers and comfy chocolate stained pants are just what you need to feel happy.

    1. casslee - Site Author April 1, 2016 at 5:02 pm

      She’s so great x


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