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I often get asked by fellow blogging friends, or writing friends in general :

How do you come up with blog post ideas?

I often want to burst out into an awkward laugh, because everyone loves an awkward laugh as a response , right? I suppose I want to giggle, because the truth is, is that I am not entirely sure how I come up with blog post ideas. I don’t have an exact formula, more like a writing instinct that I have cultivated and nurtured over the years.


When I get asked about creating content, I often feel as if I don’t have the right answer when put on the spot. I don’t think there is a right formula to be honest with you. Everyone writes so differently, and they communicate in a way that is unique and personal for them.

The last few weeks I have been observing how I go about creating content ideas for the online platform, and this is what I realized:


Some writers and bloggers are driven by “fomo” (fear of missing out) , and want to mass produce content for the sake of being constantly heard, and maybe out of fear of the readers forgetting about them.

Therefore, they write and they write, and they write, and they aren’t really telling you anything, they’re just saying things. I am not judging that style of writing, I think it does work depending on the writer and how they go about engaging with their audience. I’m talking about when a post or article feels a bit empty, like it’s lacking depth, because it was forced and rushed for the sake of writing.

With being a creative, I have often found when I wait a bit and let an idea find me or speak to me, there I will find the magic, and the gold. Waiting and not rushing can be nerve wracking , as we want things and life to move fast and in our time. But, sometimes in the waiting we allow our minds and hearts to hear clearer and more creatively.Creating content


Observe people, observe the nature of people, understand what is the common thread of what they are saying and feeling. Observe how people interact and engage with one another, note what inspires them and moves them, also note what frustrates them and disappoints them. Observing people, culture and the world will open a pool of creative inspiration from which to draw from!


When an idea or thought comes to mind, question  it. Break the idea down, and really look at every area / angle of the thought. Question the idea or the thought, as a means of engaging with it and understanding it. Questioning content allows you to look at an idea from multiple angles, giving you a larger depth from which to write from.


Often writers and bloggers tend to write in way that speaks down on people, making it hard for the readers to relate or engage with the content. As a blogger or writer, you need to look at the idea and see how you yourself can relate to it, by making it personal for you.


Once you have made the content personal for you, you then need to take your content and write it in a way that is relatable and accessible for those that stumble across it.  People at the end of the day want to feel like they can connect with others, and they want to feel as if they are being understood, heard and they want to feel as if they can relate. Isn’t it amazing that when people feel like they can relate, they don’t feel alone anymore, because someone out there gets it and gets them!

Please note, that these are some of things that I do that help me to create content. This isn’t a formula, just my creative process. At the end of the day, you will write and create in your own unique style. If you are feeling stuck creatively, maybe digest and break down your process and redefine it for yourself. The creative self and process always evolves , and we need to be able to move along with it and embrace it for what it is.

Happy writing! creating content

Mama Fox

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