I for one love eating food, I love taking pictures of food, Pinterest-ing food pictures, to the casual day dreaming of food, to the trying out of new restaurants, and then I love reviewing meals on food apps! “Food-Ception” people, it’s a thing! We are so excited to introduce our very own Food Fox Melanie Van Den Heever. She will be sharing some amazing, healthy and very tasty food with us on the blog, and help turn all of us into pro’s in the kitchen! She will be our very own Nigella, meets Jessica Day , meets master chef!

Here’s a fun Q&A with our food fox Melanie:

Tell us a bit about yourself

I love food. I love talking about food and I read recipe books like it’s a novel. Luckily I married a man that exceeded my dreams and expectations and who obviously encourages this passion of mine. I really don’t like washing my hair but I do it begrudgingly, ha-ha! I am not a very good liar so don’t ask me a question you if you don’t want the truth. Lastly, if anyone wants to give me a fox as a gift I would love you forever!

What are you most passionate about?

This year I have become very passionate about healthy eating and living. I could express my views on recipes and food and cooking and nutrition for hours! I also get very expressive when my dog decides to eat my roses, the roses that I have nurtured and spoken life into for the past 6 months….almost the same as “passionate”?! Ha!

Who or what inspires you?

My husband is very inspiring to me. He is so disciplined. Discipline is an area that was lacking in my life and he has totally encouraged me to be more intentional and deliberate in my decisions and general way of living.

Besides this, a friend gave me a recipe book by Sarah Wilson for my birthday. I could not put the book down for a minute. I think she is just great and has an amazing insight into healthy eating and nutrition.

What are your favourite meals to eat, or make?

Ok! So breakfast is my ultimate. Our household simply cannot function without a good, solid breakfast. At the moment we love having eggs with sweet potato hashbrowns and whatever seasonal fruit.

As a treat, my current favourite to make is a quick sugar-free dessert from Sarah Wilsons’ “I Quit Sugar” – with raspberries and coconut, raw cacao powder, coconut oil & butter. So delish and slightly addictive! Besides this I am incredibly keen to try my hand at making ice-cream (sugar & dairy free of course) but I am scared that I could get addicted to that too.

What sort of things will you cover in food fox ?

I like things that are quick – easy – uncomplicated. I am also doing my best to remove sugar and dairy from my diet completely, so I am constantly on the lookout for alternative ingredients for dishes that are still yummy as well as easy to make.

My husband and I take lunch with us to work every day and also have home-prepared meals almost every night. I would love to encourage people that this is not difficult or complicated but do-able and awesome!

What fruit or vegetable can you simply not live without?

I’m totally obsessed with coconut. Everything about it! The oil, the water, the pulp from a freshly cracked one. It’s incredibly versatile. It also helps that not only is it nutritious for you (inside and out) but it’s a great base for many yum desserts.

How would you describe your lifestyle?

Since I got married things have changed a lot, for the better of course! Mostly my understanding of food, nutrition and exercise have completely changed. I use to despise the thought of a gym or any activity or training and so for a very long time I have never considered the consequences of what I put in my body and how I kept it healthy. Now this has become part of my lifestyle and my daily routine and I enjoy it more than I could have imagined.

When it comes to my own personal style, I like a simple approach of jeans and tee most often, but also love finding the odd piece of clothing item to perk up my closet a bit.


Your favourite Restaurants in Cape Town?

Never! There can’t only be one! This is not Highlander and I am certainly not immortal. So I have three and they are all equally my favourites: Jason’s Bakery, Babylonstoren and Maison. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, sorted!

Who is your favourite chef ?

I remember coming home from a long day at varsity and plonking down on the couch with my step-mom and spending loads of time watching the cooking channel. My favourite show at the time was River Cottage with Hugh Fearnley (he is a very peculiar man). He would grow his own veggies and even once bought a pig, raised it and then made bacon from it (sad but reality). He did the same with ducks. Or he would hunt rabbits and make stew with them. I found it fascinating and intriguing that a person could actually live like that. I just opened the fridge and voila, it was all there – not rabbit stew though! I have such a different understanding of food now. I am inspired by the whole sugar-free / wheat-free / dairy-free movement and I want to continue to explore this way of living, along with the dream of having my own veggie and fruit garden…and possibly a pig!

Your favourite quote?

My quote for this year, that I keep saying to myself is;  “I can and I will, watch me”melanie

Connect with Melanie Van Den Heever via Instagram.

Pictures and Video promos via Rash Ferguson. 

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