For most of you who may already know, will know that Malakai was having seizures relating to his brain. You can read a more in depth post about it over here. But for now I thought I would fast track from that last post and fill you in on the latest.


As I mentioned in the previous post, Malakai has no recollection of the seizures. He thought he was in hospital for an “eina” (aka the drip) on his arm. He had his own room, with his own personal bathroom, and the nurses spoilt him. At one point I thought to myself “this kid is living his best life right about now.” It was actually such a relief seeing him have so much fun in hospital, it was kind of reassuring amongst all the clouded unknown that lay before us. Malakai stayed at home with me for a week following his hospital stay, and he just rested for the most part as he tired very easily.


We had Malakai’s brain scan scheduled for that week, and too be honest with you we did not know what to expect exactly. We focused on Malakai and made sure he was happy, relaxed and rested leading up to his brain scan. That meant loads of beach outings for relaxing walks and splashing in the water – his favourite! Luckily for us the weather was playing along with us, and we enjoyed some much needed down time at the beach. Those moments on the beach allowed me to just be, breathe, and know that God was in control.Mali at the beach


We told Malakai about the special doctor who was going to put a special hat on him to make sure his head was feeling better. Which kind of worked in our favor , because A. He is going through a doctor phase, and B. he loves wearing hats. Malakai ended up seeing a Neurologist who basically put this Matrix looking contraception onto his head, so that they could do tests and assess how his brain interacted with the tests. Can I just say for an almost three year old, Malakai behaved like a dream. He was so calm, relaxed , and did whatever the doctor said. That brain gear on his head did not freak him out at all, it really touched me to see how brave he was.Malakai Ferguson

The doctor couldn’t pick up anything noticeable that needed immediate attention. He just said that Malakai’s right side of the brain was functioning slightly slower post seizure, but with time would go back to normal. In my words, his brain was resting and preparing for an upgrade. He needs to stay on seizure meds for now, then at a later stage they will test again to see if it happens again. We will cross that bridge when we get there, for now we remain positive and hopeful that his brain is healed.


If anything this family experience reminded us of the following :


After our relationship with God, our next biggest priority is our family. That means being aware of making decisions that honor and protect the emotional well being of our loved ones. Often without realizing it we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and we expect our family to fit in and keep up with it all. However, we need to be more aware of making decisions that will ultimately honor and protect the people we value and love.


Often my hubby and I tend to fall into the fun trap of staying busy. We’re creative so for us it’s only natural that we take on more interesting creative projects on top of normal work responsibilities. Then we live in an anxious fast paced mindset which effects our health and then in turn effects our family. This family experience made us more aware of creating space and moments where we can relax and move at a more slower pace, so that we are more present in those moments.


Gosh, I cannot say this enough, but we are so grateful to all of our family members, friends, and church family for constantly checking in on us, praying for us, and speaking faith over our family. In the past I think a situation like this would have floored me, but because of the love that was poured out onto us during this time, we felt at peace, we felt confident, we felt rested. Never underestimate the power of community, and the personal effect it has on others.


I mentioned this in my previous post, but my faith in God has never felt as strong as it has in the last 10 years or so. When we were in hospital witnessing Malakai’s seizures, you automatically fill with ¬†instant fear. Then when doctors speculate the potential ‘what ifs’ with you regarding your sons health, your heart naturally fills with disappointment. Yet, despite all of those things, I knew without a doubt who God was, and I knew without a doubt that He will always have the final say concerning us and our well being. At Malakai’s brain scan , they could not pick up anything concerning. They just want him to stay on the seizure meds as a precaution then test again, then hopefully take him off the meds. I feel confident knowing that his brain is fine, and when they test again at a later stage, he will be fine.

Parenting has its ‘ups’ and its ‘downs’, and it’s very much unpredictable for the most part. Things happen that are out of our control, but resting and knowing that no matter what happens, we can trust in the one who holds our future in the palm of His hands. The deep, fierce love that we have for one another as a family will always hold all of us together, and grace us to carry every season well.

Life is tough, my darling, but so are you. – Stephanie Bennett Henry



  1. Debs July 8, 2016 at 9:42 am

    That picture with all those things attached to him…and he’s just smiling…what an incredible little human he is. He clearly gets his strength from his Mom and Dad. x

  2. Chevone Petersen July 9, 2016 at 3:54 pm

    Can’t imagine how anxious you must have been while waiting for the scan results. Wishing you all the best while Malakai continues to inspire the best in you. Great to know that he is doing better.


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