I stumbled across this Pin on Pinterest that said :

” Write about why you write.”

At first I was like, who has time to write about “why they write?” Then for about a week afterwards I could not for the life of me shake those haunting words that were making a nest in my head.

So, I decided to sit with it and really meditate and reflect on it as a means of understanding my personal WHY behind my passion for writing. I must say this was a good experiment, and I highly recommend it for any creative out there. Find a quiet moment, dig deep and reflect on your personal “why” behind the things you love to do and create. It somehow brings fresh perspective, refreshes you creatively and inspires you to keep on refining your craft as a creative.

*But anyhoo, that was a side note. I tend to side note a lot, sorry not sorry, maybe a little sorry*


Some creatives maybe understood their creative craft from a young age and naturally moved with it from the moment they first discovered it. I have seen this in my son, who started drumming from the ages of 1, 3 months. He started playing on pots and pans, then started using every day objects to make sounds on the furniture. Then when he turned two we bought him a mini kids drum kit, and boy oh boy can that little boy play a beat. Watching my son express himself, and light up as he creates makes me feel so humbled and so in awe that he will grow up understanding creative expression and that he will be open to exploring it without pressure from us, his parents.

However, there are some creatives (like myself) who never really acknowledged their creative side growing up, or never really saw the significance and value in their creative craft. It’s true, growing up, I just thought that everyone could do the things that I did, and that it wasn’t really special or unique. Which is so ridiculous as I was constantly writing and acting out mini plays that I created from the age of 6, that I obviously performed with friends for our parents, for a minimal fee of course, because….tuck-shop money!

I loved doing ballet as a kid, although I must be honest I mainly loved doing it because of the shows, and I loved dressing up in the glittery costumes. But, somehow I never thought this was creative, or a possible “one day some day job.” I suppose because growing up in school back in my day (because I’m like 100 years old) there wasn’t a massive focus on creativity. You were mainly acknowledge at school for Academics and sports – anyone else remember those days?

Yet, somehow throughout school I excelled in English orals, creative writing, and often I got to write mini plays in English and in Afrikaans that often had the whole class in stitches, and yet I still didn’t acknowledge this as a gift or as a talent. Just something that I could do naturally, and very easily, therefore I assumed “because it’s easy, everyone can do it.” There is always an ease when it comes to our natural giftings and talents, we flow in it without realizing it, we excel in it despite the tension that creating brings along with it.writing


Fast forward a few years later. I found myself at a performing arts college, (thanks to my mom) where I finally started acknowledging and understanding the significance of creative expression. I remember my very first day of college, I wanted to cry with pure joy. Because, for the first time I felt like I was at home with like minded people, who were passionate about the creative arts.

I finally felt like I belonged, like I was understood, and I felt connected to a bigger picture. At college I got to express myself through play writing, and fell in love with the entire process. I loved coming up with storylines, characters, dialogue for characters , and I loved directing the actors and seeing the entire story unfold and come together.

I have written many scripts for kids over the last ten years. I love writing modern plays that children can connect with, and have fun whilst expressing themselves. However, I also like writing scripts for adults that touches on real life moments. I tend to mix a bit of comedy in my plays, then out of nowhere I drop a dramatic bomb in it, that often takes the audience by surprise. I love writing real and raw stories that makes an audience feel like they are not alone, like they can relate, and that there is hope in and amongst disappointment.

I love knowing that an idea evolves into a concept, that is then performed live for an audience can be interpreted in so many different ways, and it means something so different to each audience member. I love watching an audience’s reaction whenever they are watching something that I wrote. There is nothing quite like it.


On top of playwriting, I enjoy blogging. I know it seems like everyone is blogging these days, and it may seem a bit much sometimes. But, I must admit I truly enjoy writing for online readers. I love it because, the words that I write are inspired and crafted by a genuine hope of inspiring , encouraging, and empowering those that stumble across it.

I don’t blog because I want to be a famous blogger. I don’t blog because I want free stuff. I don’t blog because I need the affirmation. I know my worth, I know and understand my value. I create and express myself creatively because I know and understand that there are others out there that need to feel loved and encouraged. Therefore, I use my creative gift as a means of pointing people to love, pointing people to hope, pointing people towards courage, and hopefully pointing people towards God. Because I understand my worth and value, and I understand the significance of my creative craft, I let my character carry and articulate my gift.

Because I understand the value in my creative expression I know that I need to set time aside to nurture not only my gift, but to nurture myself as a person. That means taking care of myself mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Every area flows into the next, which can either inspire or block us creatively. Therefore, always set time aside to look after yourself holistically.writing

This was a long post I know! So, thank you for sticking around to the end! You deserve a virtual high five!

Ps : How do you nurture and take care of yourself creatively and holistically? I would love to know! Pop it down in the comments section below 🙂

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  1. Fran thring July 20, 2016 at 3:40 am

    As a fellow writer I say Amen! I write because I’m compelled to find and express the impressions that wrestle on on my soul.

  2. Kaitlyn July 27, 2016 at 11:18 pm

    Write on, write on. Was AMEN’ing the whole time. Loved it. ?


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