A quick little post to shout to the online roof tops “HUBBY IS COMING HOME!”

Let’s rewind shall we?

My husband went to New York for work, filming and the like. He has been away for just over two weeks. The first week Malakai and I were fine, we had our routine, and my parents helped with Mali. But the second week we could all feel the stretch. Malakai became more emotional and sensitive, especially in the evenings, and he mostly wanted to hang out with my dad and brother for that guy time that he was missing from his dad.

Malakai is turning three next month, and he gets most things, but when a parent travels, the whole time thing to them doesn’t make much sense and it leaves them feeling a bit unsure and uncertain as to when their parents are returning. Malakai thinks that Rash has been on a plane for the last two weeks just flying around in the clouds. Ha! No , but really! They have been Skyping, which kinda helps but you can tell Mali just wants his dad here, his buddy, his best friend, and his fellow band member (because mom doesn’t cut it musically apparently much to Mali’s dismay)My loves

It’s been interesting noting the change in Malakai with Rash being away. He wanted his old drum set to be moved to the lounge. Then he wanted me to play music with him, then he didn’t , because “only dad” was allowed to. Then if he found a toy that was broken, he would say only dad can fix this, and some mornings he would wake up crying asking for his dad. In those moments when Mali is feeling emotionally uncertain, I know I need to be patient, explain to him again where his dad is, and remind him that his dad is coming back and then we do something fun and practical to lift his (our) mood.

We have been going to the beach for walks and water fights¬†(Mali’s favourite) , we have been painting, going on little fun play dates to : parks, indoor jungle gyms, the aquarium, or just random shopping trips, and oh lots of visits with nonna and papa. Those things make Malakai feel a bit more grounded and secure emotionally, which he needs at this age because he is still very young.

I spoke about my anxiety recently, and how I am on a journey with that and seeking help in that area. I had to go through it while Rash was away. Which was hard, because in dark moments like that you just want your best friend, your soul mate there at your side . However, I suppose the unraveling had to happen when I felt the most alone, because then my focus was purely to hold onto my faith in God, and let Him be my anchor. I am still on a journey and I am okay with that. I am letting things be, and I am being intentional about resting and taking it easy on myself, so that I can get better. I normally like having everything together all of the time, so it’s refreshing learning to unlearn the need to control everything and to just let things just be. It wasn’t easy for me, but I am slowly getting used to it. In this time whilst going through this and with my husband being away, I have had amazing support from my family and close friends who have rallied around me during what feels like a very dark season. They continue to speak love and truth over me, and point me towards the light. So grateful, and so in awe and humbled by their love, truly!

Having said all of that, we are excited that our hero, hubby, and “daddia” (daddy – Malakai’s version) will be home tomorrow! Just knowing that makes my heart smile. Malakai said he wants to plan a welcome home party, with all of Malakai’s favourite sweet treats of course. Malakai said we should get dad : ” popcakes (cupcakes) a big cake, chips, sweeties , and a trumpet .”

Last night Malakai prayed ; “Lord Jesus, please can dad bring Mali chocolates, sweets, a basket ball, soccer ball, chippies back from the plane tomorrow!” Ha! I am sure his dad will organize all of those things, because faith talks right?! Until then, one more sleep to go until our main man comes home!


Happy Monday everyone!

The Ferguson’s are better together, forever and always <3¬†The Fergusons


  1. mommabearTrax August 16, 2016 at 8:02 am

    It just sucks when they’re away. As much as youre happy for them, it can still just suck.

    Im sure its a super happy reunion!!

    1. Cass Ferguson - Site Author August 17, 2016 at 6:38 am

      A happy reunion indeed <3


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