I am on a quest, a quest that involves reversing time without using a time machine. A quest that not even Indiana Jones could possibly fathom or truly solve. The quest of slowing down (as much as possible) the aging process (insert mad laughter) My skin has taken a major backseat this year, as I have neglected it and now as Winter draws to a close I can see how damaged, dehydrated and wrinkle induced it has become.

Yes, we all know that we need to eat healthy, drink plenty of water, sleep more, and smother ourselves with sunscreen lotion like a vampire would in hopes of preserving our skin. But , we also need to invest in great beauty products that actually work. I have been doing some research and like I said I am on a quest to discover and try our beauty products as a means of slowing down (as best as possible) the aging process! Insert newly found and tested product via The Body Shop “Drops of  Youth”.

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I was casually walking around Clicks, when all of a sudden I noticed the Drops of Youth facial cream. It felt like one of those magical moments; where light shines out of nowhere and dramatic music plays in the background. It lured me in almost immediately. I read the box of the cream; “Drops of youth”, I was sold! It was love at first sight, and I could not wait to buy it and try it out on my leathery skin.

After doing some online crowd sourcing regarding best facial products to help reduce signs of aging. Beauty Blogger Cara Fay (one of my favourites) sent me a link to do an online test via The Body Shop. This online test works out according to your skins needs what products you may need to use going forward. I did the test and funny enough the Drops of Youth range came up. I was so glad, because I already bought the facial moisturizer. I then decided to buy the eye concentrate as well, and I will eventually buy the Drops of Youth – Bouncy Sleeping Mask.



  • Moisturizer : The Youth Cream consists of stem cells (a renewal engine of a plant), Edelweiss (known for its protective properties) Criste Marine and Sea Holly (known for its renewing and restructuring properties). All ingredients aim at renewing the skin, making the skin appear youthful and fresh. It’s soft and light in texture and almost immediately it is absorbed into the skin. The cream itself smells fresh, light, and somewhat floral. I love how it feels and how it smells!
  • Youth Eye Concentrate : I have always had an on-off love affair with eye creams. My eyes tend to look puffy, dark, and very gloomy in the mornings. When I started using this eye cream I could feel that the skin around my eyes felt firmer, and eyes looked less tired. The cream absorbs nicely into the skin, and does not leave any oily lingering feeling.


  • Youth Eye Concentrate : R 195
  • Moisturizer : R 220


  • Moisturizer : Remember that everybody has unique skin, and depending on your skin type, your skin will absorb and react to beauty products differently. For me this moisturizer did exactly what it said it would. My skin absorbs this product so beautifully, and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling or looking oily. What I love about this moisturizer is that I can use it both in the mornings and in the evenings.
  •  Youth Eye Concentrate : I love the eye cream, and no I am not just saying that! I have used quite few eye creams over the years, but none quite like this one. It has silver roller ball in which it helps to circulate and gently massage the eye area whilst applying the eye cream around the eye.  Almost immediately once applied, my eyes felt more awake, less puffy and firm. Going forward I will definitely stick with this eye cream!

I am slowly but surely looking into using and incorporating more products into my beauty-skin regime. I will be sure to keep you posted with honest feedback. After all we are in this together ladies, so please feel free to share any tips or advice regarding my quest to slow down the aging process!

*This was not a sponsored post ! I wanted to share this golden nugget with you all,
so that together we can age gracefully*


  1. catjuggles September 15, 2016 at 9:42 am

    Thanks for this! I have been looking at alternatives and these seem great at a good price too

    1. Cass Ferguson - Site Author September 16, 2016 at 10:06 am

      So affordable and it goes a long way x

  2. Cara September 15, 2016 at 7:33 pm

    So happy to have helped! I loooove the eye cream in this range I think I’m on my third tubey thing! X

    1. Cass Ferguson - Site Author September 16, 2016 at 10:06 am

      Thanks for pointing me in the right direction <3 You're amazing x

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  4. Jonelle July 3, 2017 at 2:18 pm

    There I was just walking through google looking for places I can order the drops of youth night mask online when I stumbled upon this beautiful space on the internet… I love this stuff! It’s miracle cream 🙂


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