Every chapter of a book leads and builds into the next chapter. Every chapter unfolds and adds to the developing storyline. Some chapters are more favorable than others, some chapters move really slowly, whilst other chapters move with more excitement.

Every chapter of a story sets the mood, theme, tone and pace for its characters. Every chapter has the potential to reveal and refine the nature and potential of the characters that live within each and every page.

Sometimes we rush through books without savoring it, and sometimes we skip past chapters, because we want to get to the “good stuff .” If you’re like me , then sometimes we will Google the ending of  books while we are busy reading it, because our brains want to know the ending before we even get there, so that we know what to expect.

Or hey, if you are really twisted like me, then sometimes you will go and watch the movie version of a book before reading it, then buy the book version and read it. (I know, I know, who even does that? Me – apparently! Ha)Leather Jacket Foxes- Chapters


I am currently in a season where I am letting my “chapter” unfold as it should. At the start of this particular chapter that I found myself  in, I did  not want to embrace it, I just wanted to skip past it and get to the end of it. How often do we find ourselves wanting to skip – fast forward through seasons? I know for me there are some seasons that I want to live in forever, but uncomfortable seasons make me want to run for the hills.

Because I tried to resist my uncomfortable chapter of life that I found myself in, I remained on the same page. My resistance , my fear , my disappointments and broken heart forced me so suffer silently on the same page.

Therefore, my story was not unfolding as it should, I was not moving forward, and I most certainly was not growing in character. I remained frozen, crippled by fear, reliving the same page over and over again. Kinda like “Groundhog day” (Google it cute young ones) starring me.

Leather Jacket Foxes - Chapters


Our personal story is our book, every chapter of it leads into the next, and builds into the next one. Every chapter adds to the storyline, and it refines its leading characters. Therefore, every page, with every word imprinted onto it is significant and cannot be overlooked or ignored.

When we embrace every season, every chapter and own our stories, we become more confident, courageous, and present as we move through our story. If we want to grow, and move forward in life, we need to be okay with the process, and let it unfold as it should.Leather Jacket Foxes


If you are like me and you find yourself trying to resist, ignore, or wish away the season that you find yourself in. Then remind yourself of the following, hold onto it, or write it down as a reminder. I know the following thoughts below helped me to embrace my story, and it gave me hope and courage to let my story unfold as it should.

  • Don’t compare your story with others.
  • Embrace every page and chapter of life that you find yourself in.
  • Just know that every chapter of your story will move into the next one, if you let it.
  • Don’t fear the unknown, and don’t try to fast forward and skip chapters.
  • Learn what you need to in every season (chapter) of life that you find yourself in.
  • Your life is your personal story, let it unfold beautifully, as it should.
  • Let your personal story impact the lives of those around you.

Lastly, as I look back and reflect on the season that was, I can honestly say that I have grown in character. I feel like I have a fresh perspective, more hope, joy and I feel ready and strong for what lays before me.

Your story is so unique,  so different, and not worthy of comparison.

Your story is a continual work in progress, a master piece, one that needs to be celebrated <3


  1. MrsX October 27, 2016 at 6:35 pm

    LOL, I’m just like you. Movie, then book. This past year has been about growth for me, nerve wrecking but I just left it unfold. This is beautiful.

  2. Maz October 30, 2016 at 4:50 pm

    Cats, you are so amazing with words. This really is an amazing post! Absolutely loved it… but please tell me you did not tear a book in order to take that photo!!


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