We did it – we time traveled into 2017. Another year, a fresh start, and one step closer towards death ! How exciting ?! Ha! Most of us will step into the year with a vague idea of our plans and goals for the year to come. Whilst others may feel a bit apprehensive , and feel like they’re stepping into darkness, or into a dark abyss, or into a different dimension #strangerthings (Ps: anyone else excited for Season two ?!)

I think it’s always a good idea to sit down, and map out the year. When doing so, you will feel more motivated and excited to embrace the year ahead. Vision, and goal setting sends you on a mission, and fuels your passion. When we lack vision and sense of direction we move around aimlessly, and often feel restless and frustrated as the year passes by. I put this little post together to help you (and myself of course) with the planning and outworking of our vision and goals for 2017 – hope it helps you in some way to feel more excited for the year ahead.


  • Vision is the bigger picture of where you want to go, but it does not show the entire path and means of getting there.

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others – Jonathan Swift 


  • Our goals lead us closer towards our vision. Therefore we can dissect our vision into smaller every day steps and plans of action as a means of reaching our ultimate destination and vision.


  • A vision leads , propels, and motivates you to move forward. Clear vision allows you to stay focused.

Vision without action is merely a dream.  Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. – Joel A. BarkerLJF journal


When I work on my vision and goal making for the year, I break it down into the following areas below . I revise it about a million times, then eventually type it and print out an official paper copy of it. I almost see it as a mini informal contract that I have made with myself and with my family. You can use the following outline, or adjust it to make it work for you and your unique needs.

KNOW YOUR VISION : Before creating goals , first consider what is the bigger picture that you are wanting to achieve and work towards, for you and for your family? Allow yourself to dream and imagine all the what if’s, maybe’s and could be’s. Never let fear, doubt, or insecurity rob you of dreaming and believing that you have the permission to dream.

You are allowed to dream, you are called to dream, you were created to dream. Your dreams could have the power and influence to change and inspire others.

In short = DREAM BIG.vision


Friendly tip : Grab a notebook , handmade paper if you will, pens, pencils or that Shakespeare ink quill, whatever works best for you and outline everything. Take your time. Revise it. Read it out aloud. Talk it through with your partner or friend and get excited people! 2017 is your year!


  • Health
  • Emotional
  • Family
  • Spiritually

2 . WORK

  • We often overlook our 9-5 job, and maybe assume that we don’t really need “goals” for it. As we will just follow along with whatever the work demands of us and just maintain that section of our lives. We forget that the majority of our time is spent at work, therefore why not lean into that area and push it forward somehow. Maybe a work goal could be : encouraging your team, growing your team, implementing new strategies, improve working relations. etc


  • Creative goals could mean nurturing and refining your creative gifts and talents. Or it could mean taking up a new hobby or learning a new creative craft. Exploring something new creatively expands your creative world, it refreshes you, and it even inspires you creatively.


  • This is very NB. This is an area where I have fallen short MANY times. I will have the best of intentions with my goals and dreams but never see all of them grow fruitfully because I have never time-lined it and given it a due date of sorts.
  • Having a timeline and deadline propels you to work on something until completion. When there is a due date of sorts we can’t help but feel the need to work towards that date. Therefore, having a timeline will propel and motivate us to finish something, and see that goal grow from a mere idea into something more tangible.


  • I often feel overwhelmed when I see all of our goals on paper, that I often think to myself ” how on earth will we get to it all?” Sometimes, we need to break down our goals into mini realistic everyday achievable goals. Some goals will take time, whilst others can be done over night. Either way all goals will need space within our weekly day to day living in order for it to be achieved.
  • When working on your goals and mapping it all out, look at your day to day schedule and find moments that cater and allow for time to be invested in those areas.
  • Creating space and allocated time for specific goals gives it that extra sense of value and worth to it – because you are committing time and space for it.


  • You can keep your goals alive by doing the following : Write it down, speak about it with close friends and family (they can keep you accountable) place it in a visible spot (once written) – to serve as a visual reminder.
  • Keeping your goals and vision alive will continue to spark and motivate you to keep pressing forward with passion and determination.



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