I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I come across someone online who says something rather odd, ignorant, or extremely offensive I almost immediately giggle out of shock (my defense-slash-coping mechanism, I guess – hysterical laughter) then I think to myself : “Some people shouldn’t be allowed online, and shouldn’t be allowed to access the internet or wifi all together for the good of mankind.

It’s not like I’m being trying to be rude, or judging the crazies out there – but I do question where has everyones common sense gone to when it comes to any form of social / online interaction. It’s become a crazy opinionated free for all, am I right?


This post was inspired by an online observation that made me think to myself; “That was a really odd thing to say.” Which then made me think of a few other moments where I discovered a few ‘interesting people’ via social media over the years. Here’s my list, let me know if I have left somebody out.


  • Online goers who act, or speak as if they have arrived, or act like they are mini celebrities.


  • People who fake their online followers by buying them. (Yes, it’s a real thing guys)


  • Online cliques are a thing – welcome to high school all over again. Maybe the cliques aren’t intentional, maybe it just grew into a beautiful exclusive friendship, or maybe, just maybe there are some insecure online passive aggressive bullies out there (who are adults) Again, weird, and so not necessary.


  • People who are just plain crazy, not fun cute quirky crazy (like some of my random videos 😉 ) just CRAZY.


  • People who post grainy random close up double chin shot pictures.
  • People who post pictures just of themselves – in.the.same.pose.
  • People who post every second – then those who hardly ever post (like me,ha)
  • People who post pictures of their animals doing weird things, through to people posting pictures of their kids, through to people posting pictures of things that, well, just plain confuse you.


  • Spam comments / through to real life people who comment “spam-type-comments”…
    Me : Post a sad picture with a sad caption, and someone replies : “Rad picture, love your feed, You are LIT.” Wait.what? – my cat just died and you think “I’m LIT.” #deletespamcomment


  • People who don’t like your pictures, or you in general for no real reason- but they.cant.stop.checking.in.on,your.profile… #stalker #serialkiller #secretfan #yourewelcome


  • People who SUBTWEET, come on guys – WHY is this still a thing on Tweet-ville? WE all know who you are talking about, and we all know what or who you are referring too… AND, remember there is screenshot before you reconsider and delete your passive aggressive tweet. Let’s play nice internet, let’s play nice.


  • People who are opinionated – not informed. Just ignorant & opinionated #YAWN #scrollingON


  • People who : FOLLOW.UNFOLLOW.FOLLOW.UNFOLLOW – Until you follow…Then they UNFOLLOW. Okay, this is funny. This happens to me a lot. I end up following back after being ruthlessly stalked – only to be unfollowed #catfishamIright? It’s actually really funny – 🙂


  • People who assume every post / caption / comment is about them. Sing it with me now:  “You’re so vain, you probably think this song is about you.” Also, another big yawn, some of us have lives, like real lives to live.


  • People who compete with you, and sometimes make it known. Healthy competition keeps you on your toes – and thats cool I suppose. But to me when it comes to do anything online – I see it as creative outlet . Therefore, I don’t have the inner urgency to be an online “it girl”. There, is room and space for everyone to have their piece of the pie, am I right. Just breathe girl, stay in your lane, celebrate and own your online platform, whilst cheering on your fellow sisters!


  • People who make: mad-crazy-I-have-no-idea-what-you’re-saying-BECAUSE-so-MANY-TYPO’S… Sometimes, when scrolling through social media – someone will do a diary entry type TMI status update, that I have to it read a million times in order to understand what they are trying to say. I try to work out where one sentence begins, through to when it’s suppose to end. HASHTAG CAS CSI MOMENTS – always on the job people! Having said that, I am not thee most articulate online, and make the odd typos here and there – but I am quick to clean it up and make the necessary corrections.


  • Then there are some people who live and thrive off online gossip, and find it their business to discuss everybody else behind their backs.


  • There are the odd few whose insecurity levels are on overachiever status – just do not make online eye contact with them.


  • Then there are people like me who have NO idea what they are doing most of the time online – but love winging it, and hoping for the best.


  • People who only connect with you online, because they want something from you – then they Ghost you.


Then there are some exceptional human beings online – who are the same both online and offline. They are kind, genuine, loving, encouraging and so very sincere and authentic. They are just all kinds of wonderful, and have such a natural authentic influence. I just love them!

I am the first to put my hands up saying : ” I GET IT WRONG, I AIN’T PERFECT!” Then, I try to work on my insecure-inner crazy. I believe that whatever it is that we are trying to do / accomplish online should always come from a secure and loving space. Then you won’t feel the need to: compete / compare / bully / exclude others, because, you will feel secure in yourself, and you will want to celebrate other women online who are doing their thing.

🌹 Community OVER competition.

🌹 Sisterhood OVER exclusion.

🌹Encouragement and cheering on of others OVER jealousy.

REMEMBER : We are; better together, more effective, stronger as a community supporting one another. As cheesy as that may sound – I totally believe it to be true <3


  1. Paula June 15, 2017 at 5:55 am

    The, I can’t actually articulate my thoughts thus I will google “inspirational quotes about…” on every photo instagrammer. Post a picture and write “me looking rad in my new bikini and I worked hard to look this good!” vs “You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful” – Amy Bloom
    followed by community of fan girls liking and commenting “you’re amazing” “I love your honesty” 😂

    1. Mari-Louise Candiotes June 17, 2017 at 7:23 pm

      This made me laugh so much! Very well written. I have to say, I love them all and think that’s what makes social so fun and funny. xxx

  2. Sharon June 15, 2017 at 7:36 am

    Don’t we all fall into one or more of those categories though at varying times? Social Media is crazy, it’s also fun and I’ve really tried to focus on staying away from the passive aggressive subtweeting bullies.But yes, I’ve seen all of these types and I’m pretty sure at one time of another, I’ve also been one of those types.


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