In the secret spaces, there lives a girl who : dreams, who hopes, who wants to believe, who wants trust in the unknown, who wants to embrace the pace and process of her journey, who wants to feel loved, acknowledged, affirmed, who wants to feel all kinds of confidence, creativity and courage. In the secret spaces of our heart, there lies a girl who wrestles between past, present, and future. But somehow in those secret spaces she finds her rest, peace, and absolute solace. In her safe secret space, she is reminded of who she is, and who she has been called to be.

Her secret space is her safe haven that is divine, and God breathed.

when she feels lost,

                                      she is found

                                                             in her secret space.

when she forgets who she is,

                                                    she remembers her identity and value

                                                                                                              in her secret space.

when the world says otherwise, and has her backed up in a corner,

                                                                         she rises, and finds her courage as she steps out

                                                                                                                                      from her secret space.

The world along with all of its beauty and brokenness cannot tell us who we are, or who we should be. Our past along with its disappointments cannot: shape, dictate, determine or influence our future. Our fears or insecurities should never have the last say when it comes to how we choose to love, live, or how we choose to dream. Our dreams should never be allowed to be : boxed, shelved, or sit pretty collecting dust.

                          In our secret spaces,

                                                          we remember who we are.

In our secret spaces,

                                         we find healing and restoration.

                                                                              In our secret spaces,

                                                                                                            we are empowered by the truth.

                              In our secret spaces,

                                                             we learn to love and forgive freely.

In our secret spaces,

                                we love who we are body and soul.

                                                                In our secret spaces,

                                                                                                    we live with passion and with purpose.

Beautiful friend, remember your secret space, treasure it and rest in it. Do not find comfort, solace, or affirmation in material things, or in social media,  through to the obsessing of affirmation of man, through to finding your worth and value in success or in love. Find it in your secret space, in the God breathed spaces within your heart. Listen to the hidden truths and gems that are tucked away within those treasured spaces. Look after it, guard it fiercely, rest in it, dream in it, find healing and truth in your secret spaces.

There is only one of you, therefore, treasure and nurture it well, and let it blossom beautifully <3

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