One of things that I really love about Winter are misty days. I love how the mist makes everything seem hazy, and dreamy. One of my favourite things to do is to head down to the beach when it’s misty and overcast, as it makes the beach look and feel serene, and dreamy.

However, when I drive through the mist in my car I tend to feel anxious, as I can’t really see what exactly is before me, or on either side of me. Therefore, I tend to drive slowly (YOLO),  and move in a very careful snail-like pace, as my car lights lead me through the unknown and unfamiliar path.

I get anxious very quickly, (not always by choice), therefore, I get especially nervous when driving up steep hills, or along mountain sides. (EAK – just thinking about it, makes feel nervous.) This may sound strange but sometimes when I am on higher surface levels – I always feel this pull – almost as if gravity is trying to suck either myself, or my car back down below. WEIRD – I know.

                                                                                                                                  NOW YOU KNOW

But, my point being; driving through something as beautiful and enchanting as the mist, can also leave me feeling anxious and nervous. Everything appears to be beautiful and dreamlike, whilst other parts of it feels unfamiliar and uncomfortable.

I think it’s the same with us when life unfolds with unsuspecting turns that leaves us feeling: out of control, or overwhelmed. We anxiously try to move forward in a season that feels unfamiliar and uncomfortable. We know that we need to get from point A to point B, but the path isn’t always clear, making it harder for us to navigate through the mist with confidence and with clarity.

We may even have a glimmer of light to help lead our steps,


maybe we may even feel completely lost or hopeless without any light whatsoever to help guide us in what feels like an emotional haze.

Something that can be so beautiful, enchanting, and dreamy like the mist, can also be somewhat elusive, if not deceptive, and possibly lead us astray.

The last few weeks have felt like an emotional haze. I think it’s that ‘mid-year’ dip, where everything starts to feel weighty, and all consuming. Trying to juggle everything that is ‘family-life-work’ ain’t easy FAM.

As humans living in the ‘digital era’, I think we push ourselves even more so – to keep up with the ever demanding fast paced world that we live in. Deadlines upon deadlines, emails and notifications going off at all times of the night, through to social media networking, balancing work & life – whilst endeavoring to live a healthy hands on family life, through to remembering to take care of ourselves as best as we can somewhere in-between.

                                                                             AGAIN :

           we are not robots that can easily be plugged into the wall and charge over night.

Life happens, and our souls can feel faint with fatigue, as we try our very best to keep our heads and hearts afloat.

Things happen.

Life happens,

and things can feel emotionally hazy.

The lines may feel blurred, and there may even feel like there is a disconnect between heart and mind.

We may not even feel like we have the energy, focus, or will to navigate through a foggy season. We may even start to feel a little lost, and disheartened by it. Things that appeared to be one specific way, is now something else, something different, and something that feels so unfamiliar.

The mist comes,

but it also goes.

Instead of desperately trying to find a way out of the mist,

learn to be okay with it, by embracing it for what it is:

                                                   A SEASON.

Move slowly in

and amongst it.

Take baby steps,

that will eventually turn into confident strides.

Focus on the light,


Look to it,

hold onto it,


trust in it

to help guide and lead you through the mist.

May the light always lead you back home.

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