As the year draws to a close, I can’t help but sit back and reflect on the year, and see if my heart is still in a good place. Sometimes seasons, circumstances, difficult situations, can either build our character, or it can shift something deep within us and cause us to feel otherwise.

Maybe this year has brought you: doubt, fear, anxiety, loneliness, insecurity, OR, maybe it has brought you: joy, strengthened hope and faith, OR, maybe it has left you feeling excited and motivated for the year to come, OR, the complete opposite.

It’s good to press pause every now and then, and to reflect quietly too see where you are at personally. It gives you a bigger picture perspective, and a deeper understanding of who you are – heart and soul. It also helps you to reconnect with yourself, and understand why you are thinking certain thoughts, or behaving in a certain way. What we allow to enter and root itself into our hearts (good or bad) will end up producing fruit within our lives (good / bad fruit).



Reading oneself doesn’t come naturally to everyone, not everyone is emotionally intuitive, so it’s harder for some to reflect and have that automatic emotional understanding. I was born with an endless supply of emotions, I feel things strongly, and I can very easily discern what others are feeling and why.

I am in touch with my emotions, which in some ways can be a good thing, but in other ways it can feel overwhelming. As I don’t know where to start when it comes to sifting through my emotions, and sometimes I avoid it all together, and let it emotionally linger and boil over. #glasscageofemotions

Because I haven’t journaled in awhile, and haven’t had “me days” often enough (being the introvert that I am I need to constantly recharge) I start to feel down, unmotivated, overwhelmed, a bit lost, and restless.

Being a working mom, who teaches loads of little people drama, can be emotionally overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love what I do – but like every normal human being – I too get: tired, emotionally exhausted and start feeling a bit empty and drained.

But because life goes on, and there is no giant “press pause on life” button – you keep going. However, the danger in the ‘keep on going’ without investing in mini soul resting moments can lead to emotional burn out.

Personally, I have been laying low recently, I’ve been quieter on my blog than I would normally like to be and in general just quieter. Instead, I have been savoring the energy that I do have to pour into my family.

After all, they are my most precious sacred gift, therefore, in-between all the end of year crazy – I tend to them first, and make decisions around them. There well being and my emotional well being is a huge priority – therefore, I need to be wise with that. And, I don’t feel guilty about it at all. Ha!

Yes, I make time to hang with friends – as that’s so important, I go to events, kids parties for Malakai, plus general outings for Malakai, and yes I am busy working on a Christmas show, whilst teaching my drama kids, but in-between all of that : I pace myself, and have loads of “p.j’ lazy days!”

We forget that as humans we don’t “have” to do everything – but we can do things with wisdom and with realistic expectations that works with the season of life that we are in. AND we can do it without feeling guilty, or feeling as if we are failures because we can’t “keep up with the joneses” (or the Kardashians)

After all we aren’t running “their” race, we are running our unique own race, which means it will look totally different to the next, and how we run it will look totally different too.

If I can encourage you with a thought it would be:

How is the heart of your soul doing and feeling today ? 


When you have a moment to be alone, grab a note book and ponder on the following heart reflections:

  1. Is your heart in a good place, a positive space?
  2. Or are you feeling down, drained, overwhelmed  and disappointed?
  3. Do you need to find moments of rest? Moments that will refresh and breathe fresh life and fresh perspective within you?
  4. What refreshes you?
  5. What do you need to let go of – that has become an unnecessary burden?
  6. Are you being kind to yourself?
  7. Are you moving in a pace that honors the soul of who you are?

Remember there is only one of you, therefore, take care of yourself. Taking time out to nurture the soul of who you are is not only good for you, but it will flow into everything else that you do, and it will most certainly pour over into your family and friends <3

I am hoping that as the year draws to a close, that you will find moments to nurture the heart and soul of who you are, and leave the year feeling strong <3


  1. Nadia November 7, 2017 at 9:30 am

    Spotted your post in the bloggers network thread and it was just what I needed to read today <3 Thank you for sharing! x

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