One day whilst merrily walking about, doing your thing, a little idea drops into your heart about starting a blog, and you immediately feel this heavenly ray of light shine upon you as heaven sings over you.

Only to find the initial excitement of wanting to start a blog, to actually physically making and creating a blog makes you feel like you are sinking in the deep end of the unknown!

FEAR NOT, fellow aspiring blogger / writer, you are NOT alone.

In fact from newbie bloggers through to good old veteran bloggers, we all feel like we are sinking and drowning at some point. However, you soon realise how to swim and take this blogging world in your own stride. 

A good few years ago when I first stepped into the blogging realm, I was SO eager to get my work out there. The vision and the heart behind blogging for me was and has always been to encourage, inspire and empower others to live out there lives boldly, despite their circumstances.

The vision behind what I do – propels me to write, to communicate and to encourage nonstop, honestly…


Sometimes there are moments when stepping out, by crafting heartfelt posts that leave you feeling vulnerable and exposed – that causes you to doubt who you are, or what you’ve created.

Little lies start to sneak in, and we end up driving ourselves insane with regards to our blogging abilities in general. 

It may sound silly.

But I can guarantee that most bloggers would say that at times they doubt themselves and their work, that maybe they too feel inferior and silly compared to the next blogger, that maybe because of the lacking of followers, or engagement that maybe they are failing hopelessly all together, and should consider quitting.

It happens people, it comes with the territory!


Here are some sneaky blogging lies we believe, with some fresh kick you in the face perspective…


I have found that even if I have the best of intentions with a blog piece, it may not always gain the same kind of reaction, or traction as other posts.


Not everyone will engage with every single blog post.

Besides, just because you don’t always get comments from readers, doesn’t mean that the post wasn’t good, or meant something to someone.

When you write a post, you shouldn’t want to write in hopes that it gets: all the likes, comments, and engagement. Sure, you want those things. But it shouldn’t drive you when crafting a post, and it shouldn’t affirm you as a writer either.

You write because you want to communicate a message with your unique audience. It may speak to one person, or maybe speak to thousands. Write because you are passionate about it, and passionate about communicating with your readers.


I often sit down with beginner bloggers who have loads of “starting a blog” type of questions (which I love) and most of them will mention “but I’m not a good writer, or that creative.”

Let’s be honest there are a handful of beautiful well articulated grammatically correct writers out there. Then there are the rest of us (me included) who are just passionate about communicating and encouraging others through written word and media. Therefore, we need to work at it, train our eyes to see grammatical errors, and teach ourselves how to edit ruthlessly, and frame a well thought out blog post all together.

Great writers and bloggers are passionate about refining their craft. Which takes years of consistent effort and time.


You know what, some people may be better – OR more creative – OR a better writer – OR be an amazing content creator, and so what. You shouldn’t dismiss yourself, or give up because you think someone is better than you.

AGAIN, you write for your unique audience, and how you do it will look different. Your blogging journey is meant to look different from the next.

Instead of failing yourself next to another blogger, rather instead look at their strength and see it as a motivation factor to work at refining your craft.

Not everyone starts a blog and finds success straight away.

Blogging is an art form, it takes time, patience, consistency and having the right heart behind it all.

Do not put unnecessary pressure on yourself, instead enjoy the process <3 



  1. Kathy Stewart November 9, 2017 at 12:44 pm

    This has been on my mind for a good few days now. I was telling someone pretty much everything you wrote so eloquently here, and I was encouraging her to start writing.
    Then it hit me: “okay, Kathy, so you’ve just said something really encouraging (and practical) to someone who needed to hear it. BUT. What about YOU? What’s stopping you from just jumping back in?”.
    Ouch, it hurt. 🙈 So, I’m going off to “walk the talk”.
    Thank you.

  2. Tracy November 9, 2017 at 6:43 pm

    Such a lovely article, thank you!

  3. Venean November 10, 2017 at 7:15 am

    This is so true. I’m in that zone at the moment, where I’m doing what I enjoy for myself all the other stuff is just blocked out. But there have been days I must admit where the validation I searched for was no where to be found. And the only way to get out of that sphere is to only require your own validation… I think it will probably always be there for us all. Loved this article.


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