I asked my mom to type this for me, because I am still learning to write and read. So mom and I were talking about Christmas, and I had more than just a Christmas wish list that I wanted to share and chat to you about…

So, my mommy has typed this letter up, and she said she will put some big words in it – so you can understand it better because you’re like really old.

She’s kinda like my little PA, and I’m like her little boss. Oops, sorry mom, you heard that.

Anyways, Santa Claus, I hope you are good and are having fun in the snow?

PS : Do you ever have snow ball fights with the reigndeers? Have they ever tried to throw their frozen choco poops at you? Mom says I mustn’t talk about poo, because it’s rude – but I really want to know?

I also hope that you are making all the kids in the whole wide world presents with extra love.

Mr Santa, I know that you are best friends with Jesus, and you help him over Christmas time because it’s Jesus’s Birthday, and that’s why we celebrate Christmas.

PS: Do you ever ride the sleigh together?

Mom and dad said that you and Jesus watch over us (grannies and grandpa’s included) and you see if we are being good or bad, or a little bit in-between.

I think I am an in-between kid, somedays I am good, some days I am not so good – but I learning to be good after being bad ya know?!

So, that makes me mostly good, I guess.

If you try to be good after being bad, that means you are trying and making an effort, so that’s a good thing I guess. It’s not like I’ve been to prison or anything, just time out. (Kinda the same I guess)

So incase you missed it and weren’t doing your job properly of creepily spying on me this year, I thought I would let you know of my good and not so good moments to weigh in on.

I think that you and Jesus will agree, that I have been mostly good, and not intentionally bad this year. I know Christmas isn’t about gifts, mom and dad keep reminding me that it’s Jesus’s Birthday, so you don’t have to give me a gift.

But if you do want to, I really LOVE Lego and love building things, and I need a big boy skateboard to do big boy dangerous moves on it (ssh – don’t tell my mom) But only if you and Jesus want to make me those things…

Okay, Mr Santa I need to go and probably save mom from potential danger – seeing as though I am Batman in training. And you probably need to go read lots and lots of letters from all the children.

So, I won’t keep you.

Please tell Jesus, Rudolf, and Olaf that I say hi…

PPS : I was thinking of making you; fat-free-gluten free- carb free- sugar free- oxygen free cookies for Christmas eve with a glass of Almond milk for all your hard work and efforts…Okay, love you, bye x


  1. Lisa November 17, 2017 at 7:54 am

    AAAAAAWWW thats absolutely adorable!!
    Have you tried the Portable North Pole with him yet? My son LOVES it!
    The one year when we left the reindeer poop (aka chocolate peanuts) my dog ate it and my son was horrified, it was so funny.
    I loooove xmas!


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