It’s hard to stay focused, to think clearly, to be present, to make decisions, to have vision and purpose – when our minds and hearts are clouded and preoccupied by distractions.

Distractions could look like:

  • The hustle of life itself.
  • Over committing to things.
  • Getting lost in a series vortex.
  • Being busy, so much so that your busy is busy.
  • Getting caught up in thoughts and things that make us temporarily forget who we are, through to what we are feeling, or what we should be doing.

Distractions can: numb our feelings, silence our static thoughts, and it can most certainly be an addictive crutch and enabler.

I often entertain distractions, it’s a default setting for me. When I start to feel; overwhelmed, anxious, emotionally out of control, or when I feel like I am being pulled in all directions – I welcome distractions with open arms.

From endless hours of series viewing, through to social media roaming, or emotional eating or random shopping outings – I switch off and get lost in distractions.


Too be absolutely honest with you, the last few weeks have felt like a complete blur. Life has been a bit crazy, with SO much going on, and trying to juggle it all, whilst keeping my head and heart afloat.

It’s almost as everything around me has felt a bit hazy, like I’ve been sleep walking through life.

Have you ever had those moments, were you press pause and you’re like:

“What have I been doing all this time? Have I actually been living – or just sleep walking in ‘zombie mode’ through life?” 

NOPE? Just me?

I’m trying to become more aware of when I hibernate into my default ‘distraction survival mode.’


Because I don’t want to just go through the motions feeling numb, half hearted and not fully present and engaged with what’s really happening in and around me.

Distractions won’t solve or satisfy, and it most certainly serves no real purpose. We entertain distractions as a means of sometimes coping, de-stressing, switching off mentally and emotionally, or numbing certain feelings.

Yet we all fall prey to it.

Sometimes, it’s good to have healthy distractions, things that serve and nourish the soul. For example : walking on the beach, writing, reading, having a hobby that de-stressess you, yet fills you.

It’s important to know when we are allowing or entertaining healthy or unhealthy distractions into our lives. As it has a lasting day to day impact on our lives.


When you become a mom, one little ‘go to trick’ that you learn to help your newborn baby to fall asleep, is to create a “white noise” (womb like) sound effect for them to drift off into the sleep abyss. This little nifty trick helps to drown any outside noise, whilst being a comforting sound that encourages sleep.

There were SO many times where I would fall asleep or drift off in the rocking chair with Malakai in my arms , whilst listening to that comatose sound playing in the bedroom.

Distractions (the bad kind) can mentally and emotionally put us to sleep too. You’re awake physically, but mentally and emotionally you’ve checked out.

It becomes a coping mechanism.

Yet, we don’t really move forward, we stay emotionally frozen / numb to the rest of the world. We lose our drive, our purpose and our passion – because we’re so distracted by our “white noise”.


We all have a choice when it comes to what we allow and choose to entertain within our lives. Learning to read ourselves and our situations takes a bit of time, but can soon become second nature to us. Which in turn will encourage us to make better choices when it comes to our emotional and mental health.

Instead of feeding distractions, let’s try to focus on things that feed the heart and soul of who we are.

Focus on things that refresh and fill you.

Feeding useless distractions only encourages a deeper void. In fact it encourages a never ending vortex of endless void – that will never ever fill you. Instead it will only steal from you – it will steal your time and your joy!

I say this with all honesty, as it’s something I have to consciously fight and be aware of, or it gets the better of me, and I don’t want it to get the better of you.

We have all been called for and created for greatness – yet, distractions and the wrong voices can steer us off course and cause us to forget who we are and what our purpose here on earth is.

Without sounding cheesy, your life is like a garden. (Ha) It requires grooming, pruning, watering, nurturing, sunlight and the constant sifting of soil. A garden untamed is basically one big hot mess – filled with weeds and dying plants. Ain’t nobody got time for THAT!

Take care of your heart, nurture and feed your soul with good things, and remove unwanted distractions that steer you off course!


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  1. Mari-Louise November 23, 2017 at 12:20 pm

    Spot on mama! Great blogpost. Really love your writing 👌🏻


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