I have found that thee most wildest of battles to confront, and overcome are always the battles that go on in my mind. “Did I mess this up, did I say or do the wrong thing, why did they say that or behave like that around me, am I over thinking this or not putting enough thought into it?”

It’s one thing to have your own personal “mind” battles, but it’s another thing when those mind battles start to attack our “mom-hood” – because it involves other little people, OUR LITTLE PEOPLE…

Let me explain…

For the most part, I can feel rather confident and secure in who I am as a : woman, wife, in my creative talents, gifting’s and abilities. But it’s another thing when you feel mentally attacked by lies, and insecure thoughts regarding the parenting of your little people.

When it comes to my son – I wear my heart on my sleeve. He is my heart outside of my body. I am wholeheartedly passionate about every little detail of this boys life. Because I know that I am NOT perfect, and completely flawed in MANY ways, I have always promised to give the best of myself to my son – whatever that may mean – I will stretch, be challenged, figure it out, and try my best to deliver. Of course I cannot be the perfect mom, and be at my best ALL of the time – that’s just crazy and not realistic #NOTREALLIFE

YET, we forget and sometimes we can feel trapped in our minds and hearts as moms, with the little lies that we let creep in and take root of our hearts…


Sometimes these lies can force us to:

Push even harder, to be harder on ourselves, or to maybe even be a bit unrealistic with the pressure and expectations that we place on ourselves. So much so that we are practically on a verge of a mega burn out, to feeling constantly guilty, and like we are failing as moms.

When that is far from the truth…

Yet, we entertain it, believe it, and live out of that space…Which isn’t fair on us, or on our family – who it ultimately impacts.

I want our kids to grow up knowing that there is NO such thing as being perfect. That we are ALL unique in how we understand & express love, through to how we communicate / percieve and recieve information, through to how we learn, create, and express ourselves. I want our children to grow up facing fears, insecurities, by always knowing WHO they are, and seeing their value and worth in knowing that.

Hence, when fears / anxiety / lies try to sneak in and mess with them – they can press pause and respond with “Okay, NO, definitely NOT entertaining that stupid lie!” Therefore, I have been on this hellbent mission since becoming a mom – to face fears, overcome anxiety on the daily, confront those sneaky lies and overcome it.

I need to demonstrate that lifestyle: authentically, openly, and honestly with my family – so they too can see it as something that they can overcome too in their day to day. I know so many moms – who anxiously run around pushing and pressurizing themselves to be nothing but perfect for their family -to a point where they feel: depressed, miserable, and on the verge of a burn out. They hate the head space that they are in, but they don’t know how to stop entertaining those “mom lies” – it becomes an unhealthy cycle.

They keep going in circles, and I think that’s the main aim of “lies” – it keeps us stuck in one place, and it keeps us on repeat – like a very dark twisted version of ‘Groundhogs Day.’


Every now and then, I find myself doubting who I am as a mom. I start to question whether I am good enough to even be a mom. Or I question if what I am doing “mom wise” is damaging my son. Or if the decisions I make on his behalf are completely wrong. Or sometimes when my anxiety acts up, I feel so guilty that my problems could potentially negatively impact my son.

These #STUPID lies cause me to feel “less than”, insecure, and in general down in the dumps about myself…

That’s what sneaky mom lies do to us – trap us into thinking and believing in something that’s NOT true…

I think as moms we all have our “mom lies” that sneak in to mess with us. Those mom lies may look different from ‘mom to mom’, but their sole purpose is to trap us into believing in something that is NOT true.

When I find myself feeling low after entertaining those mom lies, I take a minute to really reflect on my role as a mom to my son. I then remind myself that I am trying my best, and my best is enough.

As long as my son feels loved by us and is thriving, then all the other silly lies can go fly a kite.


I just want to take a little moment to encourage you fellow mom friend – that we are all human, we will make mistakes, AND we are flawed. YET, God still chose us to be mothers regardless of our little quirks and unique family dynamics.

God is confident in us – as women, and as mothers. He sees us as worthy, and has called us to be moms to our children.

Our little people don’t look at us and see : “faults and mistakes”.

Instead they see us : Their moms, their protectors, their comfort, their safe place, their confidant, their problem solvers, their on the go “doctors”, personal chefs, fancy Uber drivers, their loving hero’s who will always be there for them.

Imagine if we saw ourselves the way our children see us – I think we would all feel like Queens.

Instead of focusing on all the “wrongs”, start acknowledging all the “right”, from the small, to the big.

As cheesy as this may sound: “FIX YOUR CROWN MAMA BEAR – DON’T LET IT SLIP OR FALL OFF”

After all, you are worthy and called to wear it – therefore, wear it with pride!

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  1. Megan Kelly Botha March 13, 2018 at 2:13 pm

    This is such an incredible read. I have been doing a lot of thinking lately and have to agree – imagine we saw ourselves the same way our kids do? I think we don’t give ourselves enough credit for everything we manage to do.


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