I am officially in my THIRD trimester this week, and I honestly cannot believe it. This pregnancy has flown by, unlike my first – where it felt like I was pregnant forever!

I first felt pregnant with Malakai when I was 29 (said in a Schmidty voice) , turning 30, and now I am 34 turning 35 (OMW talk about The Walking Dead) , and let’s just say this pregnancy #2 has been a whole ‘nother ball game on it’s own. Every pregnancy is different from the next, and every mom and bub will experience the whole journey in their own special way.


For someone who is considered to be anxious, I feel so calm, relaxed, and so excited to meet this little one who is brewing so beautifully inside! I think because I have walked the journey once before with Malakai, things don’t feel as daunting or overwhelming this time round.

I now know not to sweat the small stuff, and to let my body do what it needs to, in order to help house and grow this precious little soul.

Whereas with Malakai, I feared almost everything : from the very thought of being a mom and what that meant, through to feeling anxious about what was / wasn’t normal pregnancy wise, through to having nightmares about the actual birth! I can laugh at it now, but first time round – all the unknown – unfamiliar – what if’s – left me feeling like a constant ball of anxious nerves!

Now I take it day by day, in my stride – knowing and trusting that God has got this (me, the pregnancy, and all the details)

Don’t get me wrong, this pregnancy #2 has had it’s odd challenges (health wise) but I’ve kept my perspective and focus on doing what is best for; the baby, for me and for my body.

I also think that knowing that no matter how much you: read up on pregnancy / birth / motherhood- is knowing that most of us moms have no idea what we are doing 99.9% of the time – we are all winging it to some degree.

PLUS, you learn very quickly that motherhood is unpredictable, what works one day – won’t necessarily work the next day, and that’s okay.

PLUS, PLUS, PLUS : when all the poop hits the fan (literally or figuratively) you learn to put on your big girl panties and you just get on with it (momming), and deal with all the crazy in your stride.


I think if you try to enter motherhood with this sense of : “I must get this right! I can’t mess this up! I must be perfect and well prepared! I need to be on top of my game and be in control!” – you will most likely lose your mind. You will not only set yourself up for failure (because of crazy unrealistic expectations) but you will end up resisting and resenting motherhood.

Yes, being a mom is hard, challenging, AND unpredictable.

BUT – it is thee most beautiful thing in this entire world. Watching your little people evolve and grow before your eyes daily – is a miracle all on its own. Just do you mama-bear – what will best work for YOU and for YOUR family, and remember to be gentle, and kind towards yourself when stepping into this parenting realm…

No parent is perfect, I can guarantee that – and we are all in the same boat – feeling and experiencing similar things. Be kind to yourself, and towards other fellow moms and dads – supporting one another is better than being alone on an island talking ‘crazy talk’ to YO-SELF!


Besides feeling calm, and totally excited to go back into the topsy-turvy-milk-drunk newborn baby days – my body has taken a bit of beating this pregnancy. From morning sickness, to low blood pressure, through to having basically crazy low iron levels that left me feeling like a Mom- Zombie (#mombie), to being sick with bugs that I needed to be admitted for and have drips & iron transfusion drips…etc

It’s been a wild ride – sometimes I don’t feel surprised if something new “that’s actually wrong” with my health occurs. I just smile, and roll with it – focusing on the health of the baby!

No pity parties here please – only praise parties! HA!

Despite having “funny” health, I feel so happy and so expectant to meet this little one. It’s already a big baby (like Mali) and is already a week ahead of schedule. Its’ kicks and punches are so strong already – that I fear what discomfort I may feel in those last closing weeks leading up to the birth!

SIDE NOTE : WHY is it that petite women carry “large and in charge” babies?

SIDE-SIDE-NOTE : Malakai was born two weeks before his due date via c-section, and he weighed 3.85 kg’s. Imagine if he came at his estimated date – he would have been birthed toddler size…        #NOthanks              #manchildvibes

SIDE-NOTE-ON-SIDE-NOTE : AGAIN…HOW…WHY…Do little women carry elephant babies?


The most ‘special of special’ experiences for me during this time has been watching Malakai prepare and step up as a big brother in the making. He is so loving, sincerely endearing – dotes on the bump daily – kisses and talks to the bump – sometimes sings to it, and he begs for the baby to come sooner than later. Watching my first baby, become a big brother has been the sweetest of things to see.

I couldn’t be more prouder of my first born, little Malakai.

Although, it is bittersweet to think that he isn’t my baby anymore (although he always will be) I am excited to see him step into this role as BIG BRO.

I’m also excited for this little baby to grow up having Malakai as a Big Brother – the little one will be so lucky to have someone who is so: loving, (slightly) bossy, loud, crazy hilarious, imaginative, cheeky, and thoughtful.

I can only imagine the fun they will get up to.

Little Baby Ferg’s 2.0 we can’t wait to meet you – till then pace yourself with the growing, he he <3 


  1. Luchae March 28, 2018 at 9:33 am

    Cass, you are gorgeous and blessed! Praying for a healthy rest-of-your-pregnancy, perfect birth and beautiful, healthy baby Fergs!

  2. Leigh March 28, 2018 at 9:52 am

    You are glowing my friend!! I cannot wait to see you become a mom for the second time!! Love you!!! Xxx

  3. Mari-Louise March 31, 2018 at 10:21 am

    Amazing post. Loved the photos and yes ons the petite woman having huge babies… can’t wait to meet your newest edition. Sending love


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