I’M JUST MOMMING SO HARD – that’s what she said.

Ever felt like you’re “MOMMING” so hard – in your ever rotating ‘MOM hamster wheel?’

Speaking of hamsters – as a kid, it always fascinated me whenever I saw hamsters eagerly running in a trance like state in their rotating metal wheels. I used to think to myself : “What are they’re running from?” , AND , “Where are they running too?” When in actual fact, they weren’t going anywhere – but somehow those little guys ran like their lives depended on it. My childhood bestie had a hamster, and he used to fall asleep on his wheel sometimes – MID-RUN! Kid you not!

This got me thinking…

Sometimes as moms, we “MOM it up” SO hard…

So, ‘mother-flippen’ hard, that we run around trance like, almost as if our lives depended on it!

Maybe we’re running from, or to the : the inevitable / never ending to-do lists / the unavoidable / the expected / the unexpected things that come with our territory?!

Then we also feel so exhausted ALL of the time, out of breath, in a state of panic, because of all the :  “the mom hustling – all the mom hamster wheel running around – all the doing – all the MOMMING SO HARD”

But we can’t stop running – we are in a mom trance, hence we keep moving.

Sometimes it feels like we are doing SO MUCH – yet, we haven’t moved one single inch.

It feels almost as though we are competing in a ‘never ending triathlon’. One that doesn’t stop.  One that is on constant “replay” – like a twisted ‘mom-athlon’ version of the movie : Groundhog day ….

So why don’t we just hop off this crazy mom train to nowhere?

Maybe we fear that if we do – we will , along with our families, other commitments, through to our hopes, and dreams, will magically dissolve or combust into the air.

Perhaps it will,


perhaps it won’t…

Perhaps, if we step off the crazy wheel for

just a moment, and catch our breath for just a second – everything will spin out of control,


it might come crashing down all around us.

Perhaps, if we stop for a moment – we may fear the thoughts of : failing, OR , feeling weak.

Like we weren’t; strong enough, capable enough, not good enough, or good at this “MOM THING”…

THEN, we carry on running around, carry on striving – despite feeling; exhausted, depleted, and overwhelmed.


Maybe if we stopped for a moment,

things would fall for – JUST A MOMENT,


Maybe things would carry on as normal.

Maybe if we stopped for a moment,

it would feel: uncomfortable, unnatural,


maybe it would even make us feel guilty, or weak….


Maybe in being still, just for a moment,

breathing for just a moment,

Allowing God to carry the weight of what we carry,

Allowing God to breathe deep within the heart and soul of who we are,

we would feel :

more alive, more human, and we would feel refreshed.


Taking time out to just breathe, to let God carry you, and refresh you –  places a deep sense of self worth on the; heart, soul, body, and mind of who you are.

Taking time to stop, to breathe, means you value yourself enough and the state of your health to let it catch up & refresh.

Taking time to stop, just for a moment, means you’re showing; love, grace, and kindness to the soul of who you are.

SO, the next time you’re feeling like you’re MOMMING SO HARD, running around in a state of panic, feeling exhausted with all the striving and with all the doing – allow yourself to stop, even if it’s just for a moment.

Allow yourself to catch your breath – be gracious and kind to the heart and soul of who you are – YOU ARE WORTHY of time out moments <3

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