Do you or don’t you have another baby shower for the second baby? Or do you have a “baby sprinkle” – because it’s not the first baby? AND, What the actual heck is a baby sprinkle?

The internet can be a very funny and confusing place, am I right? I read an online article awhile ago talking about how it’s good baby shower practice (and etiquette) to have “baby sprinkles” after your first child. Basically, a ‘baby sprinkle’ is a low key – no fuss baby shower. Which I get, because you should have most of the essentials from the first child – but what if you’re like me and you got rid of most baby things, because at one stage you weren’t even sure if you wanted other children? #oops

I was a bit confused initially about whether I should / shouldn’t have a baby shower. I then considered doing something small with minimal fuss, and keeping it simple, with just a few ladies in my world. Something that I could host either at my place, or maybe have a brunch at a restaurant.


I then kinda forgot about the whole thing, all together,  until close friends approached me asking what was happening with my baby shower. I wanted to die a little on the inside when I said : I might host something small – but I’m not sure yet if I want to do anything!”

To which they responded :  “UM, yes you are, we want to celebrate you and the baby, and both pregnancies and babies are just as special and should be celebrated as such!”

To add to that they offered to help plan and organize the baby shower, and ran ideas past me, but took the lead with it, which I cannot explain to you how much it meant to me! Especially being so far along pregnant, still working, and running after my four year old – it felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders.

For people who know me very well, will know that it’s not easy for me to let people help, or make a fuss over me. For some reason it always makes me feel shy, and silly, like I should be serving / helping others – not the other way round.

So, it was hard being on the other side of a blessing, but I went with it, and I am so thankful that I did – because God has seriously blessed me with amazing, loyal, generous, creative, fun loving friends!!!


The “baby-maids” team told me what time to arrive, and my beautiful sister-in love opened up her gorgeous home in Camps Bay for our special day, and the weather was perfect!

As soon as I arrived a rose gold eucalyptus crown was placed on my head – swoon, because it matched my outfit (and it wasn’t planned!) When I stepped into the beautifully decorated house – I saw all the special women in my world wearing gorgeous green leafy crowns! We were greeted with warm squishy hugs, pictures, and shared some giggles with our friends.

There were NO awkward baby shower games (did that with the first baby shower) just relaxed conversations, where friends could share their presents one on one with me, chat for a bit and snap some pics together. It felt more personal and intimate that way, and more like me… I honestly don’t like sitting in a circle unwrapping gifts in-front of a group of people – it’s too cringy for me. ha!

The decor was breathtakingly beautiful, with lush greenery everywhere, and with touches of rose gold elements, along with thee most delicious of spreads to nibble on!

It truly was a very special day celebrating the arrival of our baby boy, who arrives in just three weeks! The company of women, the decor, the food, and the atmosphere was so lovely and so very special.

Thank you to all the women who joined in on the celebrations and for all the giggles and spoils, WE feel truly blessed!

To my baby-maids (you know who you are) and the very special grannies, and sister in-law THANK YOU for organizing and hosting such a breathtakingly beautiful day – a day that I will always treasure and never forget!

Thanks for putting so much love and detail into it, and for making our family feel so loved and taken care of. LOVE you lots, and so lucky to have you in my world!!!!

PICS VIA : @nkp_journal  &  @yesandphotos & some iPhone snaps.

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