On the 12th of June 2018 at 1:55 pm we welcomed our beautiful second son, Brooklyn Zane into this world. Although it was an elective c-section, I started having contractions the night before that were 5 minutes apart lasting for 30-45 seconds. And, no I didn’t rush to the hospital or woke hubby up to tell him, as I think I was either in denial, or wasn’t sure if it was actual contractions. So I just lay in bed from 1 am up until 5:30 am, only clocking in two hours sleep before the big day.

Rash dropped Malakai off at school, we told him we would see him later at the hospital with Brooklyn, and that his baby bro had a special present for him. We then packed the car with our bags, and made our way to the hospital.

The excitement and the nerves were building as we arrived at the hospital, plus fun contractions in the mix. Baby boy was ready to arrive! Parents not so much “ready”, joking – of course we were SO ready to meet this cutie!

There was this sense of comfort in knowing what to expect, and there was tangible excitement in the mix knowing that we were going to meet our latest little wolf pack member.

But there were also nerves, especially knowing what would happen in theater, through to knowing that there would be pain and discomfort afterwards.

Everything felt like it moved so quickly, from Rash getting ready into his dad “scrubs”, from having the epidural, through to the actual delivery part.

It feels like a bit of a blur, yet I can picture everything so clearly…

I remember the feel of the room, the lighting, how reassuringly calm and in control everyone was, through to the sounds of being operated on, to the chitter chatter and occasional joke between the various doctors and staff in the room. It truly is a surreal feeling, although you’re overwhelmed with emotions, you are so focused on your baby, and nothing else matters.

Rash held on to my arm, and I held onto him so tightly with all my might – especially, when they had to push a little harder to get Brooklyn out – as his head was stuck and ready in position – most probably from the contractions. So the doc had to cut a bit wider and deeper to help get his head out.

You are welcome son, and yes, I will remind you of this gory tale each and every year on your birthday! The things we do for our kids, am I right?!

It’s a weird feeling sensing the tugging and pushing of your body from the doctors, but not feeling the actual pain. My blood pressure dropped, and I almost fainted twice – during birth and post birth. BUT, when they finally managed to pull him out, I heard his little cry, and saw his thick dark mop of hair being lifted in the air and being brought towards me.

It felt like deja-vu – a mini Malakai all over again, but different. My eyes followed him across the room, as they did the tests on him, up until him and hubby left to bond and kangaroo and so they could put me back together.

Waiting in the recovery section post surgery is hard, and it feels like you’re there forever. It’s especially worse, when all you want is to be with your baby. When they finally wheeled me up to the maternity ward, our family welcomed and cheered me on, my dad even snapped pics of me with his iPad (never post those pops, ha)

THEN finally back in our room, they brought him too me! (Insert misty mom goggles) I will NEVER ever forget that moment – having his half naked body up against mine, breathing him in, and feeding him for the first time. My eyes water up just thinking about it…

Absolute perfection!

There is nothing quite like holding your little miracle that you’ve helped; carry, nurture, and house for SO many months, to soaking up their very perfect little presence in person!

Everyone couldn’t wait to snuggle little Brooklyn – I am sure he felt all the love from everyone in the room that day. My extra special-favourite moment was when big bro Mali got to finally meet his baby brother. They exchanged little “brother” gifts, and Mali even asked if he could snuggle Brooklyn for a bit. I was a little nervous as to how Mali would respond to it all, but he took it in his stride so well. Proud mom alert!!!

Fast forward to exactly three weeks later – and our hearts are so full of love for our precious little family. Yes, we are tired, yes, we are upgrading our multi-tasking skills, learning how to balance life and family – AND yes, it’s stretching on all levels! (mentally, emotionally and physically)

BUT, the love we feel for our boys and for our family overrides it all <3

We are very PROUD parents of two healthy and happy world changing boys, what more could we ask for?

PS : THANK YOU to everyone who messaged either on social media, emailed, or text messaged to congratulate us! We felt loved and so encouraged, truly blessed to do life (in whatever way) with you all <3 <3 <3


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  1. Taylor rose July 4, 2018 at 12:10 pm

    You are such an amazing mom! My supermodel 😘


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