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Our little family is growing from three Fergie’s, to a family of four. WOOOHOOOO! It still feels surreal, like it’s still one big hazy dream. Then again pregnancy hormones do add to that constant hazy like living, where everything feels dream like. But more on pregnancy symptoms and detailed pregnancy round two report will follow in the next post. I wanted to focus on our little Malakai, and how he has been embracing the baby news. Malakai is four years old, and he will be turning five this year. In… Read More


I have a ‘love-hate’ relationship with the word “dream”. Not so much with entertaining dreams in my sleep – I kinda enjoy those. I struggle when it comes to “dreaming for myself personally” – If I could create something new – what would it be? If I could do anything – what would I do? If money wasn’t an issue – where would I be, or what would I be doing? ME : “uuuuuuuh, um, uuuuh. Yeah, NO.” I think it’s only natural with age, when we take on more… Read More


Schools are closed, malls and beaches are packed with locals and holiday makers, Christmassy music and decor has taken over the shops. It’s only apparent that it’s the end of the year, it’s holiday time, it’s time to unwind, rest, recharge, spend time with loved ones, and celebrate the festivities of the season! Without sounding cheesy, it truly is…                                                    THEE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE… Read More


It’s hard to stay focused, to think clearly, to be present, to make decisions, to have vision and purpose – when our minds and hearts are clouded and preoccupied by distractions. Distractions could look like: The hustle of life itself. Over committing to things. Getting lost in a series vortex. Being busy, so much so that your busy is busy. Getting caught up in thoughts and things that make us temporarily forget who we are, through to what we are feeling, or what we should be doing. Distractions can: numb… Read More


DEAR SANTA CLAUS I asked my mom to type this for me, because I am still learning to write and read. So mom and I were talking about Christmas, and I had more than just a Christmas wish list that I wanted to share and chat to you about… So, my mommy has typed this letter up, and she said she will put some big words in it – so you can understand it better because you’re like really old. She’s kinda like my little PA, and I’m like her… Read More