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Every chapter of a book leads and builds into the next chapter. Every chapter unfolds and adds to the developing storyline. Some chapters are more favorable than others, some chapters move really slowly, whilst other chapters move with more excitement. Every chapter of a story sets the mood, theme, tone and pace for its characters. Every chapter has the potential to reveal and refine the nature and potential of the characters that live within each and every page. Sometimes we rush through books without savoring it, and sometimes we skip past… Read More

Tired of being perfect

Yip, I am beyond tired of trying to be perfect, and pretend (delude myself) like I have it all together . Gosh, I’m even tired of really happy optimistic people telling me that ; “You can do it , You must do it , just stretch your capacity , and do it and then fly on a unicorn and touch the clouds!” Frankly , this is my capacity, and no I can’t stretch anymore, I might just die if I do anymore “stretching.” I mean my tired even feels tired, and… Read More

The unraveling with anxiety and depression

I could feel that I was slowly but surely falling apart. I had no inner strength or energy to even try and pretend to hold myself together. Everything felt heavy, and I felt weak. I could no longer hold back the tears that poured from a very broken place. I couldn’t even string proper sentences together or verbalize what I was feeling. I suppose because I had no idea what exactly was happening. I was unraveling, and I could no longer fight it. I bent with it and lay in… Read More

Wave after wave

I am a bit nervous to write this post, as I know it will leave me feeling completely vulnerable before all of you. But I know that there is a greater purpose in me sharing my heart with you, maybe the words and my story will resonate with some of you and encourage you that you to are not alone in this. Sorry in advance if this gets a bit much, or morbid, but I know I need to get this off my chest. Phew! Okay, deep breath, here I… Read More

Maria Shaw – Pregnancy, delayed but not denied

I remember it so well……. I was looking for parking at a shopping centre, when suddenly, right in the front row, a car started to reverse out in front of me. I quickly turned on my indicator and whispered a prayer of thanks. As I began to drive in, I read the sign in front of the space: “Parking for Moms with tots ONLY.” I quickly braked and just sat there for a moment and thought, ‘For Moms ONLY?’.  Who knew a parking sign could be so cruel! The sign… Read More