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I have rewritten this post countless times, or have either gotten half way – then deleted it, or left bits of a post in my drafts section…The one part of my “writing self” wants the post to flow beautifully, and have all the words cascade effortlessly, whilst my heart just wants to spew it out all in one swoop. With anxiety there is always this struggle between the mind and the heart, therefore, I go back and forth, and if I can’t decide – then I pause and kind of… Read More


SIGH, just the title alone makes me want to internally sigh. Because it’s obviously still a thing, and most likely will always be a thing, due to people – well being people. I normally avoid all kinds of drama, whether its personally, or via the inter-webs. WHY? Not because I don’t like conflict, I actually like and see value in HEALTHY conflict, but I tend to find general conflict (unnecessary drama) , fighting, to be a waste of time, and something that always does more harm than good. BUT YOH,… Read More


I sometimes catch myself looking at my reflection in the mirror, and find myself really observing and noting the physical changes (aka. the mom bod) of my body post birth. My body is still in recovery mode, as it’s only been a few weeks since giving birth. So things are still very much jello like, there’s still a bit of swelling, and everything isn’t “tight” or in “place” like it used to be. The crazy thing is that it doesn’t bother me. Maybe it should. But it doesn’t. I honestly… Read More


Being in love , or should I rather rephrase : choosing to be in love and to stay in love with somebody else  is a tricky business isn’t it? We’re all flawed people, and we all have our quirks – some favorable, and some not so favorable. Yet, when we choose to commit to somebody special, we choose to do the journey – the LONG journey (the good, the bad, and the weird) TOGETHER. Love can be:  messy, disappointing, and confusing for the most part… YET, in the same breath;… Read More


I have a ‘love-hate’ relationship with the word “dream”. Not so much with entertaining dreams in my sleep – I kinda enjoy those. I struggle when it comes to “dreaming for myself personally” – If I could create something new – what would it be? If I could do anything – what would I do? If money wasn’t an issue – where would I be, or what would I be doing? ME : “uuuuuuuh, um, uuuuh. Yeah, NO.” I think it’s only natural with age, when we take on more… Read More