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What is it that stops us from loving, accepting, and celebrating who we are? What stops us from dreaming and believing for better circumstances and situations? What causes us to feel so despondent, out of touch, disconnected towards others, to always settling for less, through to failing ourselves before even trying? Could it be that we have been robbed from the truth of knowing that who we are is worthy. WE ARE : Worthy of our calling, worthy of honour, worthy of love and respect, worthy of intimacy, worthy of… Read More


You would have to be living under some sort of social media rock to not know how we are finally starting an open online discussion about rape, and rape culture at large. It’s an uncomfortable conversation to have, but one that is long overdue! I was a bit nervous to touch on this sensitive topic because: A) I know this is a very personal and sensitive topic for those that have been effected by rape culture personally, and B) As a mom who is raising a boy I know that we… Read More


Last week I wrote a post entitled : ” The lies we believe as women.” I redrafted that post about a million times, as it started off as a “mini post”, then turned into a novel, then went back to simple quick easy read. But in true Cass style, I need to : elaborate more, confront, and discuss each “lie” that we believe to be true – until that lie dies, and together we move forward as empowered confident women. Hence, the series: “Killing the lie” will feature every Monday –… Read More

The lies we believe as women

The lies we tell ourselves are often in secret, sometimes with or without our knowledge. The lies that we believe in secret often damage our self esteem, and cause us to assume, doubt and to fear. They start off as little lies, but soon root itself deep into our hearts, so much so, that it can completely consume and control us, and cause us to behave in an unhealthy manner. Over the years I have had to face certain lies that became internalized insecurities, which in turn stopped me from living… Read More

Online fakers

Over the last week and a bit I have been following an online thread regarding Instagram fakers who buy; their followers, likes, and comments. Wait what? Yes, guys you can actually buy: Instagram followers, automatic likes for your posts, and comments to make it look like you’re a somebody. Maybe the idea of having big (yet fake) online following makes those fakers feel like it will attract more brands, and attract more followers because of the big (fake) following. It’s so strange to me, because although I knew it was… Read More