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Sweet potato shepherds pie

Welcome to the first recipe of the Food Fox blog post! Considering the fact that winter has just jumped right onto our laps so suddenly (frankly a little too early for my liking), I thought I’d map out a dish that has that warm wintery feel and is sure to kick-start the season. It’s also bound to be amazing and simple because it had already been tried and tested, not only by me and my very lucky husband (who also doubles as the “taste chef”), but also by a girlfriend… Read More

Homie Designer Decor

How we choose to decorate our homes becomes an extension of who we are. Whether we are intentional about decorative details or not, it some how reflects our lifestyle , interests and personalities. Some people love minimal clean lines , some love to have a quirky mix – match of decor bits, where as others  may love classical and extravagant decorative elements within a home. ” Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.” –  Nate Berkus I discovered Homie… Read More

Online honesty | Part 1

When we choose to be part of an online community from: blogging, social media, through to joining Facebook groups, we choose to influence others with our thoughts, opinions, and life stories. Through the online interaction we soon start to realize that being online isn’t always fun or as engaging as we would like it to be. In fact we sober up very quickly when we soon note a few cold hard truths when it comes to being online. I have decided to turn this into a mini series on the… Read More

Blogging friendly

I have read quite a few amazing posts written by other bloggers on; blogging community , social engaging with readers and fellow bloggers, through to the commenting and sharing of one another’s posts. Most of these bloggers are established bloggers, and started blogging before blogging became the norm as we know it. In their posts they talk about how the world of blogging was relatively small back then, and each blogger got to know one another personally through constant online interaction. They even went on to say how they were… Read More

Melanie | Food Fox

I for one love eating food, I love taking pictures of food, Pinterest-ing food pictures, to the casual day dreaming of food, to the trying out of new restaurants, and then I love reviewing meals on food apps! “Food-Ception” people, it’s a thing! We are so excited to introduce our very own Food Fox Melanie Van Den Heever. She will be sharing some amazing, healthy and very tasty food with us on the blog, and help turn all of us into pro’s in the kitchen! She will be our very… Read More