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Motherhood looks a little different to everyone. It may either look like a crazy nightmare, or it may look like pure perfection on the outside. One thing is for sure : Motherhood keeps you on your toes 24/7. I was at the GP a few weeks back to take my little 8 month bubs in as he wasn’t feeling well. The weekend before that GP visit I had this disgusting stomach bug, and was back at work on Monday and in full mom mode. Brooklyn got his meds, and then… Read More


Woohoo, it’s that time of year again when we have the kids 24/7, that’s EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. for like a month! Don’t all jump up and down with excitement now (I know you want too! ha!) A part of me LOVES spending the holidays with my family – we can sleep in late, go to bed late, have lazy PJ days in a messy house, and do whatever we want – when we want…. BUT then again, in-between all that holiday-ing, there’s the….. darker side…..the side of holiday parenting that makes us… Read More


On the 12th of June 2018 at 1:55 pm we welcomed our beautiful second son, Brooklyn Zane into this world. Although it was an elective c-section, I started having contractions the night before that were 5 minutes apart lasting for 30-45 seconds. And, no I didn’t rush to the hospital or woke hubby up to tell him, as I think I was either in denial, or wasn’t sure if it was actual contractions. So I just lay in bed from 1 am up until 5:30 am, only clocking in two… Read More


Malakai my boy, you are going to be a BIG-BIG-BIG brother to your little baby brother VERY soon! WOOHOO! From the moment I found I out I was pregnant with your brother, I couldn’t help but feel SO proud knowing without a doubt that you would be an awesome big brother. I have been stealing extra moments with you, where it’s just us, and I have been soaking all that quality time whenever I can. Yes, that’s why I didn’t fight with you when you wanted to snuggle in our… Read More


ARE YOU DISAPPOINTED THAT YOU’RE HAVING ANOTHER BOY? OH NO, SHAME ANOTHER BOY! I HOPE THAT YOU WILL STILL TRY FOR A GIRL NEXT? WHAT DID YOU WANT BABY WISE? ARE YOU HAVING WHAT YOU WERE HOPING FOR? Just a few casual questions that I get asked on the regular whilst being pregnant for a second time round. Unfiltered questions get asked all the time, whether we are the ones asking them, or on the receiving end of them. Sometimes these questions may have no real negative intention behind them,… Read More