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Long hair – don’t care

We all love having awkward conversations with strangers, especially when strangers feel the need to share their opinions on how we need to raise our kids. Or a personal new favourite of mine: when a stranger insists on me cutting my sons hair as a means of not letting him feel confused – gender wise. “YAY – so fun”, said no mom ever. I’ve been mulling over this topic of kid gender stereotypes for some time now, ¬†and I wanted to share some of my personal views with you on… Read More

2016 WRAP UP

Goodbye 2016, and hello 2017 ! I think that most of us by now are eagerly embracing the thought of a brand new year filled with new opportunities and new seasons, or is it just me ? 2016 was a crazy year! 2016 saw many deaths from high profile celebrities, through to world devastation where many innocent people have lost their freedom, their voice, their lives and their loved ones. It’s hard to stay positive and hopeful when all we see and hear is tragic and heartbreaking. And , yes… Read More

Raising boys

Once upon a time, I used to believe that I would only give birth to girls. I felt like my DNA was only wired to procreate girls. Back in my early twenties, my friends and I would host these weekly women meet up’s, as a means of inspiring, encouraging, and empowering women. So, it only seemed natural for me to assume that part of my destiny was to raise empowered women that would change a nation within my home. Then I fell pregnant, and soon discovered that I was having… Read More

Mom goggles

I have come to realise (rather to my dismay) that “mom goggles” are a thing. I have become more aware of when I am wearing them and how they sometimes distort (or delude) my reality, my parenting reality that is. Mom goggles show you something different, something fantastical that ends up blinding you from the cold heart truth, and it softens the potential blows and melt downs. MOM GOGGLE LIVING As parents we all believe without a doubt that our little people are our everything. Which means they are the… Read More

Angelina, Brad, Jennifer and the internet

What do you mean Ang & Brad are getting divorced ? The whole online world was in a spin yesterday. Some thought that their personal lives were over , whilst others weren’t even surprised by the news, whilst some felt that because the iconic couple split – “true love is now dead.” Whilst others thought it was “funny” to spew out some Jennifer Anniston GIFS all over Twitter as a means of a giggle. The world we live in is clearly in a mess. We laugh at people’s brokenness, we… Read More