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Mom goggles

I have come to realise (rather to my dismay) that “mom goggles” are a thing. I have become more aware of when I am wearing them and how they sometimes distort (or delude) my reality, my parenting reality that is. Mom goggles show you something different, something fantastical that ends up blinding you from the cold heart truth, and it softens the potential blows and melt downs. MOM GOGGLE LIVING As parents we all believe without a doubt that our little people are our everything. Which means they are the… Read More

Angelina, Brad, Jennifer and the internet

What do you mean Ang & Brad are getting divorced ? The whole online world was in a spin yesterday. Some thought that their personal lives were over , whilst others weren’t even surprised by the news, whilst some felt that because the iconic couple split – “true love is now dead.” Whilst others thought it was “funny” to spew out some Jennifer Anniston GIFS all over Twitter as a means of a giggle. The world we live in is clearly in a mess. We laugh at people’s brokenness, we… Read More

On your third birthday

It’s your birthday my little Mali-boo! You have been speaking about your birthday and birthday party for days now. Every now and then you run up to me to tell me it’s your party soon and that all of your favourite people are coming. You even mentioned one of your YouTube drumming hero’s, and how you will see them at your party #dreamsdocometrue #maybeforyournextbirthday You asked for a dinosaur party, naturally. It’s no surprise to us ,because you are going through a major dinosaur phase. Sometimes you will draw “dinosaur… Read More

Our hero returns

A quick little post to shout to the online roof tops “HUBBY IS COMING HOME!” Let’s rewind shall we? My husband went to New York for work, filming and the like. He has been away for just over two weeks. The first week Malakai and I were fine, we had our routine, and my parents helped with Mali. But the second week we could all feel the stretch. Malakai became more emotional and sensitive, especially in the evenings, and he mostly wanted to hang out with my dad and brother… Read More

Brain Scans & Beach Waves

For most of you who may already know, will know that Malakai was having seizures relating to his brain. You can read a more in depth post about it over here. But for now I thought I would fast track from that last post and fill you in on the latest. POST SEIZURES As I mentioned in the previous post, Malakai has no recollection of the seizures. He thought he was in hospital for an “eina” (aka the drip) on his arm. He had his own room, with his own… Read More