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Whatever it takes | #CarseatFullstop

Parenting is full on, let’s just be real, and let’s just be honest. Some days make sense whilst other days feel like a total blur. Therefore, we as parents try our best to sneak in those “short cuts”. You know those little things we do or say in order to survive being sucked into the parenting vortex. SHORT CUT LIVING Short cuts could range from small innocent things through to more potentially serious things :  1 ) Giving into your child’s tantrum by giving them what they want , because… Read More

Our hero returns

A quick little post to shout to the online roof tops “HUBBY IS COMING HOME!” Let’s rewind shall we? My husband went to New York for work, filming and the like. He has been away for just over two weeks. The first week Malakai and I were fine, we had our routine, and my parents helped with Mali. But the second week we could all feel the stretch. Malakai became more emotional and sensitive, especially in the evenings, and he mostly wanted to hang out with my dad and brother… Read More

Wave after wave

I am a bit nervous to write this post, as I know it will leave me feeling completely vulnerable before all of you. But I know that there is a greater purpose in me sharing my heart with you, maybe the words and my story will resonate with some of you and encourage you that you to are not alone in this. Sorry in advance if this gets a bit much, or morbid, but I know I need to get this off my chest. Phew! Okay, deep breath, here I… Read More

Why I write

I stumbled across this Pin on Pinterest that said : ” Write about why you write.” At first I was like, who has time to write about “why they write?” Then for about a week afterwards I could not for the life of me shake those haunting words that were making a nest in my head. So, I decided to sit with it and really meditate and reflect on it as a means of understanding my personal WHY behind my passion for writing. I must say this was a good… Read More

Brain Scans & Beach Waves

For most of you who may already know, will know that Malakai was having seizures relating to his brain. You can read a more in depth post about it over here. But for now I thought I would fast track from that last post and fill you in on the latest. POST SEIZURES As I mentioned in the previous post, Malakai has no recollection of the seizures. He thought he was in hospital for an “eina” (aka the drip) on his arm. He had his own room, with his own… Read More