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One day whilst merrily walking about, doing your thing, a little idea drops into your heart about starting a blog, and you immediately feel this heavenly ray of light shine upon you as heaven sings over you. Only to find the initial excitement of wanting to start a blog, to actually physically making and creating a blog makes you feel like you are sinking in the deep end of the unknown! FEAR NOT, fellow aspiring blogger / writer, you are NOT alone. In fact from newbie bloggers through to good… Read More


As the year draws to a close, I can’t help but sit back and reflect on the year, and see if my heart is still in a good place. Sometimes seasons, circumstances, difficult situations, can either build our character, or it can shift something deep within us and cause us to feel otherwise. Maybe this year has brought you: doubt, fear, anxiety, loneliness, insecurity, OR, maybe it has brought you: joy, strengthened hope and faith, OR, maybe it has left you feeling excited and motivated for the year to come,… Read More


I was reading a devotion the other night, and it was talking about the importance of simplifying your life, and how everything feeds from your thought life and soon manifests and works it way out of your life (from how you react, through to how you feel and how you ultimately behave) I have been on a little mission to simplify my thought my life. I have discussed here on the blog and on other platforms, how dealing with anxiety and the constant sense of panic has not been an… Read More


Last week my drama kids performed so brilliantly in; “The Magic Tree”, all their hard work, rehearsing, and prepping beforehand really paid off! They performed with confidence, and shone on stage, I couldn’t be more prouder of them as their “drama mama”. As the weeks were building up towards opening night, a reoccurring line that kept being thrown towards me from parents and the teachers was: “Why are you so calm? Are you freaking out on the inside? You always look so calm!” I should have been freaking out like an… Read More


BOO! 👻 No, I’m not talking about; ‘Casper the friendly ghost’ , the supernatural, or about ghost costume ideas. I wish I were actually, because what I am going to share with you today is becoming a rather “normal” behaviour – slash – supernatural phenomenon , so much so, that it has been termed and defined as “GHOSTING”… 👻 SAY WHAT? Ghosting is when someone all of a sudden stops talking / interacting with you either in person or online, through to straight up ignoring you in person.    … Read More