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Every chapter of a book leads and builds into the next chapter. Every chapter unfolds and adds¬†to the developing storyline. Some chapters are more favorable than others, some chapters move really slowly, whilst other chapters move with more excitement. Every chapter of a story sets the mood, theme, tone and pace for its characters. Every chapter has the potential to reveal and refine the nature and potential of the characters that live within each and every page. Sometimes we rush through books without savoring it, and sometimes we skip past… Read More

Mom goggles

I have come to realise (rather to my dismay) that “mom goggles” are a thing. I have become more aware of when I am wearing them and how they sometimes distort (or delude) my reality, my parenting reality that is. Mom goggles show you something different, something fantastical that ends up blinding you from the cold heart truth, and it softens the potential blows and melt downs. MOM GOGGLE LIVING As parents we all believe without a doubt that our little people are our everything. Which means they are the… Read More

Darling Jane | Beauty Review

In my previous beauty post I shared with all of you how I am on this journey of slowly down the aging process as best as possible. Yes, age is inevitable, we all know that. But what we tend to forget is that we too have a part to play when it comes to looking after our skin and bodies from eating healthier, exercising more often, and investing in great skin care regimes. In the last post I spoke about how I discovered The Body Shop’s “Drops of Youth” skin… Read More

Tired of being perfect

Yip, I am beyond tired of trying to be perfect, and pretend (delude myself) like I have it all together . Gosh, I’m even tired of really happy optimistic people telling me that ; “You can do it , You must do it , just stretch your capacity , and do it and then fly on a unicorn and touch the clouds!”¬†Frankly , this is my capacity, and no I can’t stretch anymore, I might just die if I do anymore “stretching.” I mean my tired even feels tired, and… Read More

Angelina, Brad, Jennifer and the internet

What do you mean Ang & Brad are getting divorced ? The whole online world was in a spin yesterday. Some thought that their personal lives were over , whilst others weren’t even surprised by the news, whilst some felt that because the iconic couple split – “true love is now dead.” Whilst others thought it was “funny” to spew out some Jennifer Anniston GIFS all over Twitter as a means of a giggle. The world we live in is clearly in a mess. We laugh at people’s brokenness, we… Read More