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Joey Q & A | Giveaway

A few weeks ago I went to the Lilliput Market held at the Stone Shed in Durbanville to get my Christmas shopping on – and to my surprise I immediately fell in love with Joey’s kids range, so much so that I couldn’t stop going back to her stall and drooling at all of her beautifully made kids apparel. Eventually, I couldn’t resist and bought a gorgeous baby romper for a friends baby. Man oh man, these clothes made me excited to one day (if God willing) to dress a… Read More

Online Honesty – Part 2

A few months ago I shared a post entitled Online Honesty Part 1 where I spoke about some online truths that I have encountered personally for myself or have observed in general. As the year has swiftly passed by I have found myself once again facing more online truths – insert Online Honesty – Part 2. 1 . ONLINE AFFIRMATION Repeat after me :  “We can’t find our confidence and sense of self worth and self esteem via online affirmation”. Online affirmation being : new followers, constant comments from followers or readers, through… Read More

Raising boys

Once upon a time, I used to believe that I would only give birth to girls. I felt like my DNA was only wired to procreate girls. Back in my early twenties, my friends and I would host these weekly women meet up’s, as a means of inspiring, encouraging, and empowering women. So, it only seemed natural for me to assume that part of my destiny was to raise empowered women that would change a nation within my home. Then I fell pregnant, and soon discovered that I was having… Read More


Every chapter of a book leads and builds into the next chapter. Every chapter unfolds and adds to the developing storyline. Some chapters are more favorable than others, some chapters move really slowly, whilst other chapters move with more excitement. Every chapter of a story sets the mood, theme, tone and pace for its characters. Every chapter has the potential to reveal and refine the nature and potential of the characters that live within each and every page. Sometimes we rush through books without savoring it, and sometimes we skip past… Read More

Mom goggles

I have come to realise (rather to my dismay) that “mom goggles” are a thing. I have become more aware of when I am wearing them and how they sometimes distort (or delude) my reality, my parenting reality that is. Mom goggles show you something different, something fantastical that ends up blinding you from the cold heart truth, and it softens the potential blows and melt downs. MOM GOGGLE LIVING As parents we all believe without a doubt that our little people are our everything. Which means they are the… Read More