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For those of you who have been following the Online Honesty posts over here, and here , you will know that I touch on the fun and the not so fun side to living online. I share openly, and I pose some thoughts and questions, as a means of starting a conversation – in hopes that we can change up the online game, by being healthy influencers both online and offline. I have been chewing and mulling over on the following thoughts : COMPARISON COMPETITION CONFIDENCE aka : The three… Read More


I love introducing inspiring entrepreneurs that dared to dream, dared to step out, and dared to create something that they believed in. That’s why I LOVE doing these colab Q&A’s with local South African entrepreneurs. I find it inspiring and encouraging, when I hear the heart and soul behind their businesses / brand, and I know it will inspire you the reader to hold onto and to pursue your dreams. Today we hear from the lovely Ruth, from Ruth J Baby Accessories. We met via Instagram – (as one does… Read More

Vision dreaming, & some goal making

We did it – we time traveled into 2017. Another year, a fresh start, and one step closer towards death ! How exciting ?! Ha! Most of us will step into the year with a vague idea of our plans and goals for the year to come. Whilst others may feel a bit apprehensive , and feel like they’re stepping into darkness, or into a dark abyss, or into a different dimension #strangerthings (Ps: anyone else excited for Season two ?!) I think it’s always a good idea to sit… Read More

2016 WRAP UP

Goodbye 2016, and hello 2017 ! I think that most of us by now are eagerly embracing the thought of a brand new year filled with new opportunities and new seasons, or is it just me ? 2016 was a crazy year! 2016 saw many deaths from high profile celebrities, through to world devastation where many innocent people have lost their freedom, their voice, their lives and their loved ones. It’s hard to stay positive and hopeful when all we see and hear is tragic and heartbreaking. And , yes… Read More

Rising Heroes Q&A | Giveaway

I truly believe that there is a hero that lives within all of us. Our super powers come in many different shapes and forms. Our super powers could look like the following ; making others laugh, loving and caring for others, helping and supporting those in need, being brave when it’s hard, being a safe place for those feeling lost and afraid. My son is three years old, and he loves role playing superheroes. He wants to save the day, protect me from monsters, and he wants to face his… Read More